Far Cry 4 Review

Please be aware this review is based on the Campaign Mode of the game only, and has been played only by myself and not done in Co-Op

Far Cry 4 is one of those games that falls under the category “Open World Goodness” on my Game-o-Meter…. Everyone knows how much I love these type of games and how excited I get by playing them. So when games of this nature get announced, i just cant wait to get my hands on the game and get stuck in. This was one of those game, and is the only time ive been given a rather large headache when it comes to reviews, especially as GTA V was released on the same day. Which is why this review is slightly late being released… #GamerProblems

When i finally managed to start this game and get stuck into it, I wasn’t disappointed in what I saw. The game is massive in terms of the where you can go and what you can do. There is so much to choose from outside the main story that you wont be spoilt for choice!

Here is an image i posted on Twitter while playing the game, mainly because the in game view was beautiful!

Excuse the lines, I had to take the picture with my phone camera. You get the point I’m trying to make though, the view is spectacular and detailing is stunning.

The story line for the game is a well written piece that is complimented by some fantastic voice acting, and this carried right through from start to finish. The main outline of the story is that you AJ Ghale, your returning to Kyrat to spread your mothers Ashes, which was her dying wish. Upon arriving in Kyrat you get caught up in the Civil War and unrest caused by Pagan Min and his regime. This all pretty much kicks off from the start when your dragged off a bus and taken to Pagan Min’s palace…. But I wont say anymore and let you enjoy the story… for those that haven’t already played the game.


I love the upgrading system for your character too in this game. You can choose between the Tiger and the Elephant. The Tiger provides you with combat experience, such as learning new take downs etc, while the Elephant provides you with strength, such as extra health and the ability to create more syringes for health and other items.

When playing the game, there are the usual suspects there for you to collect, unlock and liberate! You can collect plants throughout the world which all allows you to create different items for syringes. There are bell towers to unlock as well, which opens up the area of the map to be able to see missions and other items within. You can also liberate outposts as well which help close down Pagan Mins cause/Propaganda.

The wildlife is again fruitful throughout this game and can just pop out and attack you from no where. The wildlife in this game ranges from Piranhas and Honey Badgers to Elephants. I Especially love Elephants in this game because you can learn a perk which enables you to ride them and stampede through Outposts or just go for a general ride around the world.


The crafting element is still within this game as well, when you kill animals within the game, you can skin them and make things from them such as Weapon Holsters, Wallets, Loot Bags, Syringe Kits etc. I would highly recommend upgrading your loot bag if you are like me and search every person who you kill and collect every plant going… it fills up fast as the basic bag your given only holds 30 items… Also upgrade the wallet as well… You can hold 250K in the wallet, which may seem like a lot, but I have been more relying on picking ammo up and guns etc rather than buying, just to see how easy it is to survive that way.

A new event has been added to this game, which is ‘Karma Events’. Basicially these are events which are kind of good Samaritan events, where you help our people in the world who are in need. These just pop up like random events while your out and about, so its completely your choice whether you do them or not, but they do help towards Karma….Remember though, Karma can be a bitch at times 😉

The world is very diverse as well, you will start off in the jungle with all this beauty around you, and then you may end up on the snowy ice caps atop a mountain, and I love how Ubisoft has captured the area so well to give that diversity to the game play.


There are a plethora of weapons as well available to you in Far Cry 4, which become available for free with the more Bell Towers you unlock…. Handy if you are low on cash…

That is one thing that I like about this game, how everything can interlock somehow, such as unlocking bell towers, gives you access to more guns and missions. Nice!

Over all for this game, its another one that’s struck a cord with me, and I am going to love playing it, and probably for a long time, which again is another #GamerProblem for us here at Xbox Family, as we have so much more to play and do…. Oh Well….Best Problem Ever!


Based on the campaign I have played, with all the random events that go on, and missions that there are available and what there is to see, you wont be bored with this game for a while! I would highly recommend this game to anyone, as its one thats easy to pick up and go with. That is why I have given the game a 4.6/5


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