Fallout 4 | Review

This was my first outing in Fallout, I had tickled with Fallout 3, but only for the first hour or so I didn’t really have a full picture of what the game was about. I kind of wish from playing Fallout 4 I had continued with it. At least with BC and getting a copy of Fallout 3, I can go back and give it another go.

When you enter the game, you set up your character, and for me I found this very limiting. The only main customisation you get to do is on the characters face where you use a drag system to shape the face as you wish. You get to pick the main look of the character, but that’s about it. You get your standard Vault 111 boiler suit to wear at the start, but as you travel the wastelands and pick things up and loot people, you can find some other rather cool get ups!


The world and wastelands are vast, stunning and brimming with side quests, people to help and things to kill. I have found looting to be very important, making sure I have ammo and any necessary supplies that I should have to be able to survive. There are plenty of looting spots and things to pick up on your travels, just don’t pick up too much or you will be unable to run anywhere…

The worlds are beautiful and really do give that sense of being stuck in a post-apocalyptic war, the colours are well displayed, however I did find some of the layers and vectors used to be quick flat and not give that distinctive look when up close.

Also, when you are roaming the wastelands, you get the choice where you can go on your own, or have a companion to go with you. There are many you can choose from, and the first one you get is a dog. I would highly recommend replacing the dog as soon as possible, I found him exceptionally annoying and a bit of a liability. See the below videos to understand my meaning. However, if you choose a companion and have what you feel is the right one, you will have a dream team. I currently have Codsworth, but find there’s times when he’s with me and times there isn’t.

To go with looting, there is a lock picking system in place, that will help you get doors open, and loot safes etc. I found this system quite easy to use, but I think this was because I had played Dying Light and the system is pretty much identical to the one used there. It was nice not getting confused and not knowing what I was doing, and speaking of looting, if you find bobby pins, these are a blessing in disguise and I would implore you to stock up for your Lock Picking needs.

Speaking of roaming the wastelands, there is a lot of caution to be had as things such as Rad Roaches, Ghouls etc can come out at you with no warning. You can be all nonchalant and walking through the woods, and BOOM… It’s there… Attacking, scratching… Radiating! Luckily though, you should have the help of your companion if you have chosen one… Except the dog…. I found the dog useless.


It was nice though when you see someone who isn’t trying to kill you and all they want is your help. Until that help is diving into radiated water to turn valves off. Nearly died…. Rad Away to the rescue!

There is quite a bit of modding and creating that you can do within the game. When you’re at your settlement, let’s take Sanctuary as an example, you can clear the area of trees, broken houses and other debris and use that for supplies to be and construct new house, beds, power, food, defences and more.

These areas are very customisable, and you can set a lot of the stuff out yourself and have it how you want it. Settlers within Sanctuary will ask for favours to set things up such as what was mentioned above and this will give you valuable experience to use within the game and level your character up.

Speaking of levelling your character up, there is a system that is within the game which you use to do this, and its goes by the Acronym of S.P.E.C.I.A.L which stands for Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck.

Whenever you get upgrade points, you can upgrade any part of these as long as you have the required level etc to do it. There are loads of different things that you can upgrade too, and with this type of selection it can be a headache of what to choose, but also allows you to make the character in your own style of how you want him to be. Such as you may choose intelligence and agility as the first couple you are going to upgrade, and then work on strength after this or alternate between the ones you want to make it more even. Either way there is a lot of flexibility here for you to play with.


I have been quite pleasant with the game up till now, but there have been some issues which I have come across. I’ve found some instances where in cut scenes the lip sync with the characters hasn’t been in timing, or their mouths just haven’t moved at all, which was quite disappointing.

I had it at one point where Garvey had spoken and it was my turn to reply and no choices came up, the screen was displayed like there should have been, and Garvey got a bit impatient with me, and an auto reply was given out. Luckily, it was probably the one I would have picked, but a bit annoying.

There have also been occasions where cut scenes have been cut early and the speaking has continued for a few seconds and my character has frozen until complete, which was a bit irritating. Also, I’ve had a couple of occasions where the Axis on my character has locked for some reason and I’ve been stuck going in one direction….

When there have been quite a few things on the screen, such as being attacked by loads of moles, I have found that the framerate has dropped a bit which has made clearing them a little awkward. Fingers crossed though, some of these issues will be ironed out with patches. But this begs the question again, why weren’t these things picked up in testing. I know I’m not the only one to have suffered some of these glitches, as I’ve read a few from twitter which have.

Either way, this is a very good game, well designed with so much to do it will keep you playing for a lot of hours. Exceptional 9 from Joon.

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