F1 Manager 22 launches into early access

F1 Manager 22 has launched into Early access. Those that have preordered the game before August 30th will now be able to play straight away as well as cash in on the 10% discount on the RRP.

F1 Manager 22 puts you in control of an F1 team and your job is to guide them, manage them and try to take them to or keep them at the top, depending on who you choose to manage.

Each circuit on the 2022 calendar has been brought to life, and fans will see this season’s regulations shake-up reflected in visually detailed cars inspired by these new rule changes. Trackside broadcast cameras and a variety of on-board angles from each car will fully immerse players in every thrilling moment, allowing fans to direct their own TV experience as they watch drivers battle to secure vital championship points.

Between race weekends, fans will steer the development of their cars, drivers, headquarters and staff to take their team to the top step, aiming to cement their own legacy as one of the all-time greats. Will they choose to balance resources to extract performance across the current season or invest in future car development? The choice is up to them.

Have you preordered or are looking forward to playing this? I enjoy Formula 1 games, so this might be right up my street.


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