F1 2020 – Review

I love my racing games, it’s one genre I love to go to in between the other games I play, it’s a genre that I always feel from the RPGs and the like I play regularly, I always feel going to a racing game mixes it up a bit.

I must admit as well that F1 2020 kind of flew under my radar a bit, it was only a few days before release that I noticed it and from playing the last few previous entries, it was going to be my new go to racing game. I’m not an avid follower of F1, but I love racing games and I am in no way a car nut whose knows everything about cars. 

When I started playing F1 2020 the first thing that jumped out to me was that it asks you what type of racer you want from it, do you want the standard more realistic mode where damage is on, going off the track causes issues such as losing grip on the gravel etc, or do you want to play a more casual mode where going off the track won’t cause issues, there’s no damage if you hit a wall or another car, plus other little things. I have played in both modes and I found that I did favour the more casual mode, it appealed to me more with my playstyle. Take nothing away from the standard mode, the adrenaline rush it causes when racing are exceptional, especially when you can feel the back end of your car losing grip around a corner and you’re trying desperately to correct it hoping you’re not going to spin out or when you know you haven’t braked as hard as you should have and can see you going towards a wall. 

I found casual play allowed me to play the game at my own pace, which is excellent, and I also found that this would also allow new players to either the genre or game to be able to play with confidence. There are settings there to help with that such as braking assist, steering assist, driving line and others. The steering assist I used briefly just to see how it performed, and it wasn’t the best, I found the tighter the corner the more rigid it became which at times caused me to go wider on the track than I wanted and caused me to lose some positions. Once I turned this off and I was in control of the car, I found it was much easier for me to keep the car in check myself.

The good thing is with the difficulty settings is that you can change and tweak them to your own style, so even though I was playing mainly on casual, I could set up the AI drivers to be a harder difficulty, I could have braking and steering assist on or off, which I prefer them being switched off as I had more control over the car. So even if you’re new to the game or racing genre there is a lot of help that F1 2020 has for you to set the game up how you want. 

The game as well is a looker, a very nice-looking game, the cars and the tracks are phenomenal, well detailed and you can tell that the developers have put a lot of love into the game. Also, technically, the game is smooth, the cars drive very nicely and using an Xbox One controller I love how the vibrations give that extra level of immersion, especially when taking a bend, it’s as though you can feel the tyres screeching round it, going onto the gravel, again, it’s like you can feel each individual grain under the tyres, its just fantastic and I can’t take anything away from the game for that!

The sounds within F1 2020 are just as the graphics and performance, brilliant, hearing the engines roar around you at the starting grid, hearing someone fly past you with that high-pitched POW noise, brilliant. But it’s not just the cars, it’s also the ambient noises as well that you can hear when driving around the track.

A new addition to this year’s game was the My Team mode, when I read a little bit on this, I was quite excited to try it and see what it would add to the game. After giving it a try I must admit it is a good addition, but there are lots in there are is basically straight from Career mode. The differences in the My Team mode is that you have control over who your co-driver is, sponsors and financial actions such as which areas to invest your money into.

But this is another plus to me, even though you’ve got the 2 modes which are fairly similar it gives you the options if you want to try that extra bit of in My Team, or just stick to a career with one of the outfits already there. 

F1 2020 allows you to have the option of having a full-length season or you can whittle it down to just 10 races, again, I found this another plus for me, being able to set the seasons how I want them to be.

This years F1 also introduces 2 new tracks which come in the form of Zandvoort and the Hanoi Street circuit in Vietnam. I have to admit that I absolutely love both these tracks and the Dutch GP may turn out to be my favourite of all the tracks, along with Bahrain, that is another track I love driving.

Its not just F1 that you can get involved in, there is also the new option of doing an F2 season or half season, which again, if you want to work your way up to F1, this is a brilliant way to do it. Split screen action has also returned to the F1 game, which is the first time since 2014, so you can now race with friends while you’re all together.

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