Extreme Exorcism Review

8bit 2d platformer. People know my feelings on these type of games, however people know my feelings on these type of games, however I didn’t find this one that bad. I still feel the style is very dated and static in terms of what you can do, but for me I did enjoy certain elements from the game. This is probably the second platformer that I have said positive words about. Are things on the up?

The colours within the game are wonderful and the music plays beautifully which each stage you are in and what the situation is.

The basic idea of the game is to jump around the different arenas you’re in exorcising ghosts. But there is always a trick, and this is something that I mention further on the in review.

There are many various weapons around the arenas that you are in which you can collect weapons to use against the ghosts. You can hold up to 3 weapons at a time, and the higher your score the more weapons you can unlock to use. This also counts towards the levels, each level in arcade has a goal which you have to hit to unlock the next one. The handy thing about this is that during the match, if you forget the score, a message will be displayed to tell you that you have reached the required score and the next level is now open.


Each round adds a ghost to the round, and that ghost will move and do the exact thing you did in the previous round. This is quite easy at first when you only have a few there, however, when you get to level 10+ if you’re going to try and kill all the ghosts it can be quite tricky remembering, especially if you were on the last round for a while and there is a lot of movement from them to remember.

There is one ghost in each round which is the Crown Ghost. If you kill this ghost, then the round automatically ends and moves you onto the next round. Simple, you say… As I said above, the more ghosts the harder it can get, however if there isn’t much movement then it can stay quite easy, just don’t get yourself trapped in that mind set as it could come back to bite you…. Rather hard.

Game can be played locally with friends, which I haven’t managed to try but I can imagine it would be a rather interesting experience with people flying around everywhere and up to 4x the ghosts appearing on the level.

There are 3 modes in the game you can play. Arcade, Challenges and Deathmatch. All quite self-explanatory, Arcade you play through the different levels trying to get as high a score as possible, Challenges you play through a set of predefined challenges and have to complete objectives and Deathmatch is where you can fight your friends to the death with up to 4 players allowed.


The one thing I think this game is missing is the online play. With all the local opportunities available in the game to play, I think it would have been a good idea to have included an online mode.
I know that it’s not often that I will play locally with any of my friends, and even when I play on the Xbox with my wife, we both have our own so an option to play online would have been good for people to play with others on their friends list.

Overall it is a solid platformer, and it’s not often I say that. I love the theme of the game and what it is trying to do. I just still think these type of games are outdated for the era we now live in. I’m going to give this a 70%.

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