Evolve – Review

Evolve never really grabbed me in the lead up to release. I played the beta and wasn’t blown away by it, didn’t think it was a game i could get into, or would play for long. However, I don’t think you can really take much from a beta with it being limited to what you can play and do.

When the game released, a lot of my friends were playing it, and my interest peaked! I went onto Twitch to see what the game was about and get a good understanding of how it played. After watching a couple of streams, and seeing some friends play it, i decided to take the plunge an get the game.

Being honest, for me, i find it a simple game, and simple concept… Its a game of cat and mouse, but the fun you can have with it when playing with friends is brilliant..


I have found the game play to be quite smooth, and the launch has been pretty much trouble free, i don’t think i have had any problems with the game since it launched. I’ve had a few random disconnects from matches, same as other people, but its nothing major.

One problem i have found with the game is that when theres a lot of action going on, especially when you’re fighting the monster, there can be a few random frame rate drops, or the game will simply freeze for a few seconds. Again, nothing too major for myself, but it can be a bit of a nuisance, especially when you have one of the monsters steaming towards you, the game freezes for a few seconds, and then you find yourself on the floor needing a revive.

The worlds/maps within the game are wonderfully detailed and designed. There has been a lot of care and thought gone into them to make sure that there are positions for all within the game, and areas of advantage for both Monster and Hunter. Its not just the design of the map and how its laid out, you have to look at the wildlife and plants that are in each area too, and some of the surprises that are awaiting. (Especially when it comes to jet-packing across water and a huge Crocodile jumps out and gets you)

The one beef that i have with this game, is there is no background to the characters, there’s the odd spiel before and during a match, but when its during the match, i’m concentrating more on trying to find the monster (Especially if im playing Hunt), so i find i don’t learn anything about the characters as I’m too busy playing the game and tend to miss what they say. So, i find it a bit off that i don’t get to learn anything about them.


Evolves main focus is the multiplayer side of it. there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of a single player campaign to play through, its a bit like Titanfall where you play so many matches and in different modes and it gave a little bit of story in between. I have had a go of the ‘story’ mode which is Evacuation. This is basically similar to what Titanfall did. It was basically Multiplayer matches in different modes through so many games. Evolve’s Evacuation mode is 5 matches one after another where in between you get to pick a mode to play for the next match. When i played, we managed to get through Nest, Rescue, and Hunt. Might have been another mode in there, but i cant remember it at the moment. This is a good mode to play and i enjoy Evacuation, it allows you to play modes you may not normally play. It freshens things up, and for a game which at the moment, is limited, is a good thing.

I have found it better playing with friends, when i have been teamed with random players, most of the time, there was no communication and people would go off on there own and ‘Rambo’ the game. I like being the medic, I’ve learned the role, and know what i’m doing when i’m playing the role, there are some people though, who think the role of the medic is to be the sniper for the team, and to keep there distance from the fight… No… just no… The role is called ‘medic’ – Your main purpose is to heal the other hunters, and when there health is high then you can use the sniper rife, napalm etc! But reviving and healing should always be the main priority.

I have seen several games where a medic didn’t actually heal a single person… Needless to say i left the match pretty sharpish when it ended.

**Please note people, the medic is not there to do damage, when health is high among team players, by all means, tranq or hit the monster a few times with the sniper rifle to open up vulnerabilities in it, but keep an eye on your teams health and heal/revive when necessary, don’t be the hero you’re not going to be. To be honest, team work is key in this, in fact i would go as far as to say that its essential, and communication between all players is essential, which is why I’ve found playing with Friends to be alot better, as there as there is communication and your able to help out others, especially when you see the monster and they don’t. Which again is something else that i want to go onto.

I really like the markers system within the game, being able to tell your team where vital things or the monster are can be a great help, especially if you get briefly split up.

I know i’ve commented on the medic in quite a fair amount of detail, and not really said anything regarding the other characters in the game, this is mainly because the team of friends i’ve been playing with, i have been the dedicated medic, which i have to admit, i do love the role, and i have grown into it as well. It was hard at first, but again, when its come down to playing with friends and having that communication, it has been a great help to learning the role, and being an effective medic. (At the time of writing this i am 3 for 3 in terms of games/wins with Lazurus!)

I’ve also commented a lot on how essential communication is to this game, another thing i’ve found essential, is that when your playing with Friends, you stick to a specific role and learn that role, if each player in the team is playing as a role they’re comfortable with, then the match is more likely to go a lot smoothly. (This is only really if you play with the same team all the time.)


I have played the Monster a couple of times, and i honestly have to say that i just cannot get used to it. There are people I’ve played against who once the hunters have landed are miles away and don’t get spotted for ages. Me on the other hand, within seconds of running away and feeling like i’ve ran miles, I’m suddenly finding myself being shot at… I would love to be able to master the Monsters, but i don’t think its going to happen unfortunately.

There are several other hunters available in the game these are

– Assault
– Trapper
– Support

I cant really comment on these other roles, as I’ve barely played them.

I think that this is a brilliant game, and is worth the money, again it does have its repetitive sides, however, maps and areas are that big, that sometimes you dont even notice your on the same world you played a few games back.


Im going to give Evolve an 8.5. It has the potential to be fantastic, I just feel with this game, playing on your own is going to be a mistake. You need to be playing with Friends or people who communicate. That’s the key in this game, and probably something that I’ve said repeatedly throughout this review.

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