Everybody’s Golf – Review

Golf tends to be one of those Marmite style sports, you either love it or you hate it. Personally, I love playing the game in real life (I know… The outside!!) and as a gaming game. I’ve played all the different types from EAs Tiger Woods and more recently Rory McIlroy iterations as well as Everybody’s Golf on the Vita.

Everybody’s Golf on the PS4 is a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously while allowing you to enjoy the finer moments of a round of golf. When you first start the game up, you create your character which you will take through your career on the game. You’re then shown and introduced to the home space, which is where everything kicks off for you… Or Tee’s off if we’re going to get the puns in.

The home space is where you can do a variety of things within the game, you can check on the progress of your character, you can speak to other AI characters who are they, these tend to give you words of wisdom when it comes to different aspect of the golfing game, including increasing the different aspects of the clubs available to you, adding spin and how to gauge and use the wind direction to your advantage. Very handy if you’re a novice at golf and need a few little hints and tips.

Now I did mention above that this game doesn’t take itself too seriously, and this is where the customisation comes into it. Followers of golf will know of the rather horrendous outfits that the professionals wear, and in this game, it is no different, you can mix and match whatever your heart desires, from polo shirts to tee’s, as well as shorts to trousers. Most of which either just have the one colour available or there is a nice little choice of colours to pick from. A good thing that I noticed with the customisation is that when you do the one on one challenges with other golfers when you beat them you unlock what they’re wearing so that if you like it, you can wear it too. Which kind of saves having to go into the shop and use the in-game currency to get items. Which isn’t all bad as you earn credits through playing, but there are microtransactions available to buy clubs, balls, outfits and more.

How the game looks when you’re playing a round, I have to admit that the only way I can describe it is that it is light and fluffy and goes along with the not taking itself seriously. However, when you’re playing, it does feel like you’re playing a proper round of golf. I guess you can say Everybody’s Golf is stuck in the void between an arcade golfing game, and a true to life game.

The gameplay was a smooth experience for me, it was easy to pick up and play with the power gauge being a simple 2 press hit. Press one for the power that you want to hit with, and the second is for how precise your shot is going to be. Hitting within the red lines will mean that the shot is going to go wayward and you’re more than likely going hit the water hazard or sand bunkers if there is one near. Hitting in the sweet spot as I call it will mean a lovely shot and it is more than likely going to land in the area which you have marked up before the shot. When I say marked up, it’s more a dot on the map which you can move about to adjust your shot with the directional buttons. Sometimes with this, you have to look at the what’s ahead and maybe think about adjusting your shot in case you’re going to land in water, sand, or hit trees and bushes that will cause your shot to fall short or go in a completely different direction.

I think the main charm with this game is how it holds your hand through the first part of the game to make sure you’ve got the hang of it, and shows you that it is an easy pickup and play game. If you have a spare 15/20 minutes available, you can easily get through a quick round to kill some time. This is what I found myself doing with this game, I had sessions where I would be on this for hours, and other times, when I was waiting for mates to come on and play something else, I could just pick this up, have a quick round and then join them if they had come online. So, from this perspective, it is quite a versatile game in terms of you don’t have to play it for hours, which you can, but you can also just have a quick round if you want to.

One thing that did annoy me with the game was that when playing a single player round, people tee’ing off in front of me, they would be hitting their ball and would be trying to get mine spot on and sometimes it can cause a distraction. Kind of a silly little thing, but still a thing none the less.

There are different types of courses that you can play through, official and non-official. Offical courses will record any records that you make on it, such as longest drives etc, whereas non-official tend to have elements that can help you such as enlarged holes on the putting green, or whirlwind cups to help sink a wayward putt.

I thought that this was a brilliant little game and one that you can just keep going back to over and over again. It’s got a lot of depth in terms of customisation for your character, and the courses are kept fresh.

Solid 8/10