EA Sports UFC Review

I tend to try and stay away from fighting games, anyone who has witnessed me playing Killer Instinct will know why. Pure button bashing generally isn’t for me, and this is mainly down to my enormous hands and me not being the best when it comes to co-ordination and remembering the absolute ridiculous amounts of combos and ways to strike your opponent.

In that sense, this game is the same for me. I’ve done the tutorial so many times, and I still cant remember the most simple of combos, let alone the “rolling around on the floor, spooning your opponent into submission” ones. This usually ends up with me button bashing between punching and kicking my opponent while at the same time trying to get another move in there… But my matches usually end up like this…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZP_JWQfR6Sk]

When playing a match i’ve found some of the moves to be quite sluggish and get the feeling the punch i’ve just swung wouldnt even hurt a fly, let alone a fully grown man. However there are certain moves that you get the feeling… “Holy Crap, did I just do that…..” The swing of punches does feel lacklustre at times, and that could be down to the stamina feature that’s within the game, however when there is a full connection to the face, there is an air of satisfaction… Specially when blood starts flying and you know you have just broken the guys nose…. Like this…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFgjRTPQjWA]

Or this…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCFR5YaAzWQ]

Watching the connection gives me such gratification! Its almost like you can feel the punches hitting your opponent through the controller! :laughing:

The tutorials in the game are good, however they sometimes don’t give you enough time to learn some of the more complicated moves. Which for me when it comes to fights… Leaves me just punching, kicking and hugging my opponent. Although I believe in time I¬†will end up getting the hang of it. I think this game would definitely be a grower by playing it more and mastering the combos, but as it is, I’m useless at ground work!

When I have been in a fight and able to get a nice combo together it has ended up with a lovely knock out like this…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1NImNIvNCA]

One of the things I love with this game is that you get to see bruises, eyes swelling up from punches, blood and sweat dripping to the floor! The graphics as well are really nice on this game! The animations of the players, and the facial expressions are brilliant! Even at the end of the match when they’re declaring the winner, and you can see both fighters stomachs going in and out as they’re trying to catch breath. Which is a fantastic little piece of detail for me! Although one thing that I will say is, that when you’re in a fight and you’re moving around the ring, it can get a little off putting and sometimes disorientating with everything spinning around.

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