DriveClub Review

**Please note, this review is based on the single player aspect of the game. Multiplayer aspect will be reviewed when enough has been played of it.**

I enjoy my driving games, there a break from the norm for me and give me something different to play and get my teeth into, and I find the change from the Open World games and shooters quite refreshing.

The first thing i’m going to talk about in regards to this game is the game play and the general feel for the game.


I find the handling of the cars to be slightly heavier and the driving to have a more arcade type feel to it. The game doesn’t have the same feel to me as Forza Horizon 2, which the driving mechanics for are spot on. However, that to me is a good thing, not a bad thing, it was distingushes DriveClub from the rest of the racers out there.

I have to admit that I do prefer the feeling when driving on Forza, but when I got used to the mechanics and driving, it wasn’t hard to see why people have been praising this game.

Another thing within races that I really like, and its a nice touch for the game, is the challenges. Whether it be a drifting challenge, or a high speed sector challenge, it adds that little bit extra during races, although I can see people ignoring them especially if its an important race etc.


Another part of the races, which certain aspects of it annoy me, is the points system. You can earn points to go towards your driver and club level, this can involve gaining a position within a race, a clean sector, or you can have points deducted when you crash into the barriers, or other parts of the track, you can also lose points when you crash into another person. This is where it annoys me, im fine with having points deducted for hitting into the side or back of someone, however, when its there fault and they have gone into the side or back of me and im getting points deducted, this is where the game needs to look itself in the Mirror. Why should I lose points for someone elses stupidity? I shouldn’t right?

Speaking of someone elses stupidity, the AI within this game are awful. This is where a very good game is let down. The AI within the game has no sense of you being there, and if you’re about to go up to a corner and you’ve started to overtake, and will do it successfully if the other driver notices you’re there, however, the other driver never notices and will continue on the course he is programmed to, which basically means that they will drive right into the side of you, and probablt screw you over. If there is one thing I would love ot see in an update or fixed in general is that.

I don’t understand how something as trivial as that could have been left out of a game. Driver awareness, surely it should have been the main thing in the game when it was coded? The ability for other drivers to make decisions, and react to whats happening around them, which is were i applaud Forza 5 and Forza Horizon 2 and there Drivatar system.

I’m enjoying each of the tracks thats currently there, each one brings something different to the table, and are all beautifully designed.


The cars, track and trackside areas are all finely detailed and are stunning to look at. However the further background detail does look a bit rushed and rough around the edges at times. Same sort of thing that I commented on in my Sniper Elite 3 review, it seems to be that they have tried to rush the background at times, and it doesnt look as sharp as it can be.

The cars are beautiful and well designed, and you can see that alot of care has gone into the cars to show them down to the finest details from the Exterior, right down to the dashboard and the interior.

The main menus are nicely laid out as well and when I first saw them they reminded me of Xbox Menus, as they are laid out in a kind of Metro style, which you will be able to see from the screenshots.


The in game sounds are for the cars and effects on the track are rather good, however there is one sound that does confuse me a little. That sounds is the sound of your car crashing into another car…. It doesnt sound like two car crashing into another. It sounds more like someone stamping on a baked beans tin, and a flimsy one at that.

Overall, this is a very good game, it does have it flaws, but they can be over looked, and are hopefully patchable. PS4’s first driving game is a solid start, and hopefully the franchise will continue grow and be a regular for the PS4.

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