Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze


I have always been sceptical when its come to Donkey Kong games. I had the chance to review this game, and being open minded i took the chance to see what a HD Donkey Kong game was like.

I have to admit that i wasnt all that impressed. The game is beautiful in its own distinctive way, and is simple enough to play. What i didn't quite understand was the other characters that were brought in, and what they gave to the game, as it seems that you can do the game without there assistance.

OK you may not be able to 100% the game, but if that doesnt bother you and you just want to play through the game, then i would ignore the extra characters, as there really isnt any benefit to them. Yes, they all have there own ability, but Diddy and Dixie have the same in that they can fly you slightly higher, where Cranky Kong bounces you higher with his walking stick, and also gets you over spikes and other dangerous objects.

There are probably lots of you out there that love the game. But for me i find it a bit too repetitious, as my feeling towards a lot of 2/2.5D platformers. Not all, but a few. 

This is a very short verdict, but im afraid theres not much i can write about a game i don't get along with, and doesn't suit me to play. If there is anything else i can write about the game i will update this verdict, but at the moment this is all i have. 

Im not even going to score it, as i think it would be hypocritical of me to score a game, which in my eye would be a low score, which i know to someone who would fully appreciate they would give it a more meaning and deserving score.

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