Dishonored Definitive Edition Review

I had played this game briefly on the 360 when it was originally released and thought it was fun. It kind of annoyed me with the combat system back then as I always felt you weren’t really hitting someone. It didn’t feel any more than a tickle when you did the normal melee hits. The finishing moves were different though, I found those quite satisfying.
Had anything been changed and upgraded for the Xbox One system, this is what I was interested in.

The first thing I’m going to say about the game is that I love the style of the game. It has a Comic/Steampunk feel to it and it fits the game so well.
The main story you are playing as Corvo who has been framed for the murder of the Empress and throughout the game you are trying to clear your name while taking out targets. The targets are the people who are part of the plot against you.


One thing I love about the targets are that you don’t have to assassinate them, there are alternative options that you can take that keeps the target alive, or someone else can take the problem off your hands. You can then choose how you want the mission to play out, and it also means that you can play the missions twice to see how both ways play out.

Throughout the world there are Runes and Bone Charms that you can collect, and when you collect these they go towards getting new abilities or upgrading current ones. You get a pulsing heart to hold in your hand which you can access via the command wheel. When you select the heart you can view where there are any Runes or Bones Charms in the area that you are in.

Getting to these Runes and Bone Charms can be rather difficult, as there are points you can be searching for it, and think you’ve found it and instead you’ll find a wall in your way… Frustrating, but I guess if it was easy to find them then you would be an ultimate assassin in no time…


There are 2 very distinctive ways of playing this game, all guns blazing or super stealth. My first play through that I did, I went pretty much all guns blazing although I did try to stealth through what I could, but most of the time I was just killing whoever was in my way. Most of the time by bending time or tele-porting in front of people and assassinating them before they knew I was there ha! I have to admit that when going all guns blazing some of the melee kills were brilliant… Some animations were just so flawless it was unreal! Loved it!

I also really like the way that your actions within the game create what type of City it is. More killing creates more rats and disease, whereas a more stealthy non lethal approach creates a more healthier city, and this is also very transparent from the ending of the game. Which I won’t spoil for those who haven’t played it.

If you do go through the game all guns blazing, then you’re likely to finish the game within a couple of hours. If you take a more stealth approach, then it will take you a lot longer as you are going to have to take your time and time your movements right so you’re not seen. There is an achievement in the game for not getting seen once by the watchers throughout the whole play through… Ultimate stealth required for this!


Another thing I love is how each of the missions are designed. There are always different ways in which you can complete them and get to your target. It’s up to you whether you make a more direct route or the longer stealth route. Either way there are plenty of options and routes for you to take around the mission areas.
I love the music

I did come across one issue with the game where there would be drops in framerates, especially when in combat and there are several guards after you. It wasn’t a dramatic drop but it was noticeable.

Overall I love this game, the style and design of the game is fantastic and this is becoming one of my favourite franchises and im now getting really excited for Dishonored 2 next year.

For those on the fence about buying this one, it would be a very well spent £15/$20 and I would highly recommend it.

I’m going to give this a very positive 89%.

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