Discussion: What was your favourite game/series on Xbox 360

After 10 years of goodness from Xbox 360, we have just brought you the sad news that the console is now going to be officially retired and is no longer in production.

We would love to find out what was your favourite game or series that was released on Xbox 360?

For me it has to be the Fable series. I must have spent so much time playing Fable 2, 3 and Anniversary. I loved getting lost within the massive open world of Albion and following the awesome narrative that flowed through the games.

The linking between the games was amazing and it is one of the only series of games (other than Ocarina on Time on N64) where I have gone back numerous times to play through the story. Everytime I played I felt like I was learning something else about the story, or there was something I had missed.

The choices to make during the game with the storyline as well as the options in the town such as being able to buy property and rent them out again. There was so much depth, I absolutely loved it!

Which brings me onto the main question, what was your favourite series or game on the Xbox 360 and why? Let us know in the comments below 😀

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