Destiny Review

When i played the Beta for this game, i found it to be quite repetitive. It felt like i was doing the same thing over and over, going onto a planet, killing an endless wave of enemies, getting to a certain point, finding what i was looking for, or taking something back from the Fallen, then heading back to the Tower….. Then when back at the tower Upgrade, buy weapons or do what i needed to do, then repeat of going back to the same planet or another planet and repeating. There didn’t seem to be enough variety in the Beta, and unfortunately I feel the same about the full game.

The first thing that annoyed me was the fact that our Beta progress wasn’t allowed to be carried over, so once again i had to go through all those missions for a fourth time…. With your Character only being allowed to level up to 26, this seemed to be the reason everything was reset… As everyone who had played the Beta would have already been at level 8 with probably 3 Characters. Leaving those who hadn’t played the Beta, far behind in terms of what weapons they had etc and would have left them at a clear disadvantage in terms of the PvP side of things, so i can see why this was done.

Graphically, the game is beautiful. Simply Stunning. I don’t really know what else to say, other than it is one of those games you have to see for yourself.

Everything from The Tower to the different planets that you explore, they are all beautiful! Wonderfully designed and have an incredible amount of detail. But its not just the worlds themselves that are wonderfully crafted, but what lives within the worlds too. The enemies you face are beautifully designed and each have there own persona of how they fight you. Dreg’s will hide behind things and lean out to attack you, Vandals will move side to side across the area you’re in trying to get a better vantage point, Stealth Vandals will just run at you invisible (to an extent) swinging the swords they carry. Captains and protected bosses (the ones with the white line across there health bar) will slowly move around the area trying to get critical hits on you. However if you get too many Hits on a Captain, they will just disappear and reappear somewhere else.

The armour and weapons that you carry with you, are as well fantastically designed and you can see the amount of care and detail that has gone into making this game what it is in terms of detail.

Now, I have been quite complementary to the game so far, as I feel the design and graphics have deserved. However as I said at the start of the review, the game does get repetitive within the Story Mode. This repetitiveness is only echoed by the loot system Destiny has in place. If you look at other games with similar loot systems, there’s always a sense that as your going through each level/area or defeating the final boss you’re going to be collecting some good stuff, or your going to be rewarded for what you have just accomplished. On Destiny that isn’t the case, It just feels too random in what your given. If its taken me 20 minutes to defeat this boss, on my own I would expect to be rewarded so. This just doesn’t happen, there’s no sense of ‘WOW you’ve just beaten this boss… and on your own, here’s an awesome reward!’ Its more along the lines of… ‘Hang on, let me see what I’ve got in the lost property box that no ones claimed for 5 years… You can have that…’ I don’t feel that sense of accomplishment, and for me that is one of the games main downfalls.

I find the money system on the game quite pointless in some parts as well. Yes, you can buy guns, a new ship etc. But once you have a gun your happy with a lot of people tend to stick with that, and upgrade for the same style of gun. Specially if you’re like me who likes a nice Auto Rifle. I have the one i started with, upgraded to a newer one, then when a more powerful Auto Rifle came out i got that one. However you can usually find the weapons and all sorts out during missions, and earn stuff through the PvP side of things, so this can essentially make in game currency quite pointless. That’s not to say its completely pointless, it still has its uses, but not as much as people may rely on during the game.

I have played this game on my own and with friends, and I have to admit that it is better to play this game with Friends, it also makes it a lot easier as well when fighting wave after wave of enemies. There have been parts in the game where in the Beta i could go through the levels on my own and fight the enemies with no problem, however in the full game I’ve struggled to emulate this. I’m not sure if the difficulty has been amended for the full game, but it sure feels like it.

With the PvP side of things, I’ve only played Control and Clash. Control is your typical Hardpoint mode where you capture the objectives. Clash is a Team Deathmatch style mode where its 6v6 and the team who reaches the points total or has the highest points at the end of the match wins (This is the same structure for Control).

There are other modes which I haven’t played yet, these take on the style of Free for All. Which is basically, kill anything that gets your way.

Overall for me, for what the game is, there has been far too much hype based around it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good game in its own way. However the repetitiveness and loot system used lets it down, and there are probably people out there who have been hyped up to the point of bursting, only to be deflated!

Would i recommend this game? In all honesty, im not sure if i would, i would recommend you rent it first if you’re not sure, and i would advise that you play with friends as this makes the experience more enjoyable. Based on the graphics, i would say people would need to witness it for themselves, and if this is what the Xbox One is capable of, then I’m looking forward to the next 10 years of gaming and what’s to come from that.


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