Deponia | Review

Deponia is a point and click adventure that occurs funnily enough in the world of Deponia. In the game you play as Rufus who is trying to make one last attempt at leaving Deponia for Elysium, the reason being is that Rufus can’t wait to taste the pleasures that Elysium has to offer and get away from the garbage planet of Deponia…. No really… There’s garbage everywhere!

I have to admit that the writing and narrative for the game is very strong, and this follows the tradition with point and click adventure that they tend to have a very strong narrative. I loved the comedy elements within the game, there were times it would remind you of a carry on film, especially when Rufus thinks he’s saving the girl but ends up sending her down a garbage chute… Which in fairness did save her, but probably not in the fashion she would have wanted!


As good as the narrative was, I did come across an issue which did bug me a bit and that was that there was a lack of options available that affected the story. Rufus has the option to answer how he wants within the story, but it doesn’t really impact the story at all as the game will simply default to what should be said, which was a bit disappointing, as if you picked anything else then Rufus will just say he’s joking or something like that and another option will have to be picked.

The voice acting and sound within the game is top notch and I loved how this was able to play out through the game and bring the comedic elements to it.

When it comes to point and click adventures the main thing with these games are the puzzles, this is what makes and breaks a game, whether the puzzles fit the bill and are strong enough to keep people enticed, are too hard or just a walkover. It’s more than likely though that different gamers will see these puzzles in a different way. Those who are very comfortable with the genre will probably do them with ease, whereas someone who is new may end up struggling with them.


I found myself in the middle of this and even though there are a lot of puzzles that I was OK with, there were some that were quite hard to do and understand what to do. You can talk to different citizens in the area to ask for help and get tips, but one question I do have is how do you make Cappuccino without coffee beans and clean water?

Examining and putting items together is what you will find yourself doing a lot, however understanding what to put together is a whole new ball game.

The game is pleasing to the eye, it’s not your typical looking game, but the overall style and use of colours and are is nice to look at as you’re playing through. I love the hand drawn style as it brings out the characters personalities more as well, which makes them more enjoyable to play as and interact with. However, I did find the protagonist annoying which I guess is meant to be how it is, are you meant to like the bad guy?!


One final issue that I had with the game is the replay factor. It really isn’t there, once you’ve played through the game once, you’re not really going to want to play it again.

This is a very fun game for those who are wanting to put their brain to the test while having a little fun and a laugh at the same time.

I would recommend the game, but not at full price I’m afraid as the replay factor just isn’t there. But the charming story and characters that it portrays are well worth investing in, even if it is just once.



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