Dead Rising 4 | Review


It’s the holiday season in Willamette, Colorado and a mysterious outbreak has overrun the Willamette Memorial Megaplex Mall and surrounding town with dangerous and deadly predators. Join Frank West as you explore a vast, open world sandbox filled with dangerous new zombies and a million ways to kill them as you seek to uncover the truth behind the outbreak – or die trying.


I only started playing the Deadrising series when the third game came to Xbox One, and I loved it from the second I played it. The only reason i actually started playing the series was because I watched one of my friends play it, and I went out and got it after that. I found it hilarious that you could run around and slap a zombie with a Dildo from a shop.

So when the fourth game was announced I got quite excited that I would get to play the series again. However I did wonder how they would take the series, as outbreak after outbreak would start to get a little stale.

I did enjoy the story line, however the overall feel of the game did seem a little stale, and got more so as you went into the game. I don’t think it was entirely down to the story, I think that it was just you were going to one place, investigating, then you were back outside fighting your way through hordes of zombies to get to the next place.

Say Cheese!

The addition of the quicker ‘fresh’ zombies was a nice addition, however they did give me the annoying feeling of the faster zombies from Dying Light. One thing that did impress me was the sheer amount of zombies that were on the screen at any one point. There were hundreds of them and I found at times that I was fighting a losing battle as the crowd just didn’t seem to go down, which is where I would try and find refuge in a house/office/building to get some supplies, however peace wouldn’t last long as most of the times the zombies would just get through if there was an opening or windows as they would just smash the glass.

I did like how there were new enemies introduced throughout the game such as the flamethrowers etc. However for me it did feel a little infrequent that these showed up.

Graphically Deadrising is alright, it isn’t the best looking game, but there are some beautiful use of colours. I do though question the fires and the graphics that have been used for this, as there are times when my car sets on fire that it looks rather poor and quite low quality. (I am only basing this on what I have seen in other games) There are Exo Suits within the game, which allow you to pick up bigger and more powerful weapons as you can see from the image below!

Frank West with an Exo Suit

Deadrising 4 plays really smooth, that is another plus with the game, no matter how many Zombies I had on the screen it was always smooth and the reactions were perfect. The one beef I do have is that when picking items up, as there’s no cross hair on the screen, if there are multiple items on the floor together it can be hard to pick up the one that you want.

There are loads of weapons within the game, literally anything within the game can be used as a weapon, from a 2×4 to a cash register, even a toy gun can be used to shoot Zombies. The best part though is when you pick up a blue print and find the items lying about to create what I call a ‘super weapon’. A blueprint basically allows you to mold different items together, so you can have things such as a flaming triceratops mask, an electrified axe or a flaming sword.

However, each weapon only lasts a certain amount of time and some will last longer than others before they break, so I have found myself stocking up on weapons and making sure I pick up new ones when the one I have is about to break.

There are vehicles within the game and as above you can get blueprints for vehicles as well. I have found that vehicles are few and far between and would have liked there to have been more made readily available. One example of this is the bus depot, you should be able to jump in one of the buses if they’re unaffected and plow through loads of Zombies, but nope, they’re just left there for design.

When you clear out a shelter it will not only become a safe haven but vendors become available, these will sell you different things ranging from weapons, to maps and clothes and everything in between. You collect currency throughout the game so that you can purchase from vendors, however I haven’t used these vendors much as I prefer to find everything in the world. Although if there is something useful I want to buy, I will get it. 🙂

As you go through the world and story and do all the different types of missions and side missions available, you rack up points and every time you level up Frank you get Skill points to use. These can be used in anyway you like to upgrade Frank, from extra health to movement speed and again, everything in between. There is a fair amount of choice to make when using skill points, everyone will probably make different decisions. Some may decide to work on a certain category, where others may mix it up a bit, I was in the mix it up a bit and picked what I thought might be more relevant to me early on.

The sounds within the game were brilliant, I loved the atmospheric music that played during certain situations as well as the overall sounds from the world, such as the zombies groaning etc.

I did like Deadrising 4 and will continue to play it to finish off the side missions and everything else there is to do within the game. I loved the open world and the choices that you had within the game. You didn’t just have to go through the story you could just wander the town killing zombies and doing random side quests or helps that showed up along the way.




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