De Mambo – Review

When I had my code through for De Mambo it came with a lovely letter telling me of how the game was lovingly crafted in a Premier Inn lobby. It describes how this tiny team came up with the concept for De Mambo and worked on it every day in this hotel lobby to bring us to the game we see today.

The first thing that you see when it comes to the game is the menu, and for me, this was so confusing. I didn’t understand what was going on, it’s basically a cluster as it comes up with one option, where if you press A it will take you to the next one. I originally thought that this was taking me through to a solo game as this is the first thing that came up on the menu, but when I saw options and credits come up I realised what was going on.

After realising to press the + button, I managed to get into a Solo game, where first of all I was asked to pick a colour and instead of being able to use the thumb sticks to scroll through the colours, I had to use the A button…. And then use the thumb sticks to move to the next section… A bit of a backward logic if you ask me, but there you go I managed to soldier on. You then pick what level you want to do, for the sake of the review, I went with the pretty easy planet… Away we go. Business time, level was starting….

A message pops up… ‘IT HAS BEGUN’… Oooh, I’m getting tingles… What’s begun I’m now thinking… The first level, I moved a ball to a door…. Exciting…. Next… Same Ball, I’m jumping, double jumping and triple jumping my way through a level…. Fair enough, learning the jumping bits, that cool, I’m obviously going to need this for future levels, cool.

OK, level 3…. I have to blow up boxes, OK cool, there’s a symbol that says A. So I’m presuming here that I’m pressing A to get through them… Right, first ones done, next one… Nope… Not working with A… How about holding A…. Nope… Jump and press A… Nope… Time runs out…. WTF? A few attempts later, I get through said block through sheer luck, now I have a new block, same tactics… Nope, nothing working… Times runs out time and time again.

Is it really that hard to put some detailed tutorial or message to say how to get through these *^&%ing boxes instead of a stupid symbol A that doesn’t work?!?! What’s worse as well is that in the ‘How to Play’ section in the pause menu, it just says that it can’t help. Seriously… By this point, I was done with the game.

The music as well that’s played along with the levels and at the menu is very annoying. I can see why I’ve seen people say how catchy it is but to me its irritating and grates on me. Think of it like nails on the chalk board and you kind of get the type of irritation that I’m coming from.

The overall feel for the game is terrible, I can see what the developers have tried to do, but the game just doesn’t come together as intended. The physics of the game are awkward and not easy to get to grips with and I have to admit I have never felt this uncomfortable playing a game.

The game picks up when you’re playing with other people, but I have to admit that it doesn’t pick up that much and playing with others was probably the only enjoyable part that I got from it. Being honest, I would have to say that I would have preferred the game to have been a party game instead and scrapped the solo element. Add an online feature to it and you’ve got a semi decent game here, but as it stands the Solo part for me is a mess, there is no help whatsoever and the game is limited in what it wants to teach you.

If you’re into that gaming bondage type style, then this might be for you, but with the lack of assistance and help, this isn’t something that is for me, unfortunately.

Sorry guys, poor effort. 2/10