Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition | Review

I never got to play the first Darksiders game, so I was a bit apprehensive playing this and whether I would understand what was going on. But the game at the start takes you through a tutorial so you can get used to the controls and what Death can do, which is really handy. It would have been nice to have seen this bundled with Darksiders 1, as the story is apparently quite important, again i never played the first one so I am unsure as to how much of a difference it makes overall. But for me, you can do straight into Darksiders 2 and plod your way through.

The game sees Death being sent across a vast world as he tries to get his brother War. War was blamed for prematurely starting the apocalypse. The story is a very good one and is well played throughout, however the cliffhanger ending is slightly disappointing. Unless we’re being an indication that a third instalment is in the pipelines and this is to just tide us over for now. Who knows?

The level design within the world are beautifully done and easy to navigate. The combat is also very well done, and it has been designed well throughout making sure that you are not just button bashing you’re way through the game, but your defending and making sure you know what your enemies is planning is key to this game.


The combat is fluid and there is a sense of satisfaction from the kills and combos that you can pull off, and keeps you entertained
There is a loot system and levelling system which gives the game that RPG element. There are drops from enemies as well as the standard crates dotted around the world so you can mix up your armour and weapons.

The deathinitive edition comes along with all the DLC included and has been optimised in HD for the current gen consoles.

I have to admit that its not the best looking game, and I know that I said above it was beautifully done, and for the style of the game it is. But for this gen for me it does look out of place, and i know you’re going to say that it was from the 360 era, but when something is meant to be optimised for this gen of consoles, you would expect a crispness to it, which I feel this missed out on. However one positive that I will say about it, is there is a slight comic book feel to the style, which is a nice little change.

Over all the game is very good, and brings back one of the top games from the 360 era. The mechanics are smooth and the combat is brilliant and well worked out. If you missed out on this game the first time round I would highly recommend this to you.

I’m going to give this a 3/5

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