Danger Zone – (PC) Review

Danger Zone is a crashing arcade style game with the sole object being to create as much monetary damage as possible by causing huge accidents on roads. But wait, hold on, we already have a similar game that achieved this back in 2005 (as the most recent version) called Burnout Revenge so why do we need another? This was indeed my first thought and also how would it be possible to make a full game out of one smaller feature from another much older game?

Firstly Danger Zone isn’t priced as a full £20 – £30 PC game and is priced at time of review at £9.99. And for what the game gives you in return is definitely value for money so that’s a big positive straight away. Secondly this game is made with the Unreal Engine and looks modern in comparison to the dated Burnout Revenge game, I had the settings cranked right up to the max and the over the top explosions looked amazing with the game running very smoothly, so if you are after a modern crash junction mode this will fill that void.

Essentially what this game offers you is 20 junctions to cause as much mayhem as possible, as the levels progress you will need to create more damage to earn the bronze medal which allows you to unlock the next junction as a minimum requirement.

20 levels may not seem like much of a game and the harder levels do mean more attempts at completion and in my playthrough I cleared all junctions in about an hour and a half. Do not let this put you off at all, the one feature that kept players coming back and replaying junctions in Burnout Revenge was the leaderboards! Be the best in the world at causing the most amount of monetary damage per level, luckily as this game was made by two employees who worked on the Burnout series they recognised this was an important feature and implemented it in Danger Zone.

Where the older game and Danger Zone differ is locale, Danger Zone is set up in a virtual environment (picture the Tron grid but with textured roads and vehicles), this means visuals are limited. There is no skyline or buildings to look at in the background, just your car, the road and the other vehicles.

It was also slightly annoying that you only drove one car throughout the entire game, it would had been nice to attack the levels with different cars and have different leaderboards for each car too. Maybe this will come in the future but currently this isn’t included in the core game. The other AI vehicles in the game are also limited in appearance, mostly lorries carrying the same payloads and taxis scattered around.

What is a very different approach to crash junctions though and something that was exciting to play was multi-level crash junctions. When I skipped the fly through that is offered at the start of each course I hadn’t realized there was an entire other level to crash down to and this is where pickups really come into play. You can pick up additional crash breakers which allow you to explode your car onto other roads creating more accidents and allowing you to pick up more cash bonuses and crash breakers. When you chain these together on later levels you can’t help but be in awe of the glorious explosions and crashes that ensue.

I played the game on keyboard and mouse initially but used an Xbox One pad for the duration of the game. Controls were simple and not complex at all which is perfect for arcade style games such as these. Using keyboard and mouse didn’t alter my enjoyment of the game either so don’t let this put you off if don’t have an Xbox One Controller.

Overall this game fills a casual pickup and play slot in your gaming schedule, you probably won’t be coming and spending hours at a time on this but you will more than likely be spending multiple attempts at one junction so you reach the top of that leaderboard. I’m not sure if future content is planned but at its current price point I can highly recommend this game in its current full release state and you will definitely enjoy the crashes and trying to reach that number one slot as you take the highway to the Danger Zone.

You can also view my Twitch Playthrough by clicking the link.

Danger Zone is available now on PC and PS4.