Crackdown 3 – Review

Finally, the long-awaited Crackdown 3 has been released on Xbox One, teased for years and year, gamers were finally able to get their hands on a copy, either by buying the game or the popular Xbox Games Pass service.

Now, I am going to start this review off by saying that I never played any of the first 2 games, so this world and franchise is all new to me.

The first thing I want to say about the game is I liked how it looked, the colours popped nicely, the world was wonderful with differing areas which made adventuring around it so much fun. Also, I found the world to be very vibrant with cars and people everywhere just living their life. I liked the fact that cars would randomly stop in the road and people would get out and attack you.

With it being an open world game there are plenty of activities for you to do from taking down industries to freeing prisoners of the rebellion. As you take down industries, production plants, transport networks and more, these gather more data which when at 100% will reveal the location of that specific boss. You can then decide to continue the crusade around the city and do more or you can go after the boss, which will give you a survival chance percentage on it, which when I unlocked some of the bosses was at just 66%… I like those odds. I did take one on with 66% chance and won, but others I didn’t fare as well against, mainly because I don’t think I was properly prepared, so I continued with other things and getting my agility higher.

Which I must admit was largely fun, due to the fact that you increase your agility stats by collecting the green orbs which are dotted around world. There are many many orbs dotted about and I haven’t even touched half of these yet as there are over 700 to collect in the world, which is madness! When you look at the map and the size of the world, you wouldn’t have thought they could fit so many into it. Well, this is what brilliant design does, as the world isn’t ‘flat’ per se, and it’s built up over numerous levels, with some of the buildings being a hell of a climb, it’s made it easier to position these at all different locations.

I mentioned above that there are a lot of activities in the world to do, which there is, but I must admit that after a while they do get repetitive and depending on which way you decide to do them can become a little bit of a chore. Going after the different industries, transport, freeing rebels from the prisons, propaganda towers as well as the different races to complete, can feel like going round and round in a circle, but that is all part of the grind of the game. Especially once you manage to complete the main story and take out all of the bosses.

The game looks and feels brilliant to me, the art style isn’t meant to be realistic, but have that futuristic look while also keeping to its own style. I’ve seen people say that it looks and plays like an Xbox 360 game, in my opinion, that it a no no. The game looks good to me, the colours that are used are brilliant, and the way the agent moves is good, the jumps feel good and when you time it right it feels so much better. Yes, it can feel ‘arcadey’ at times, but that the nature of this game, it doesn’t take itself seriously, it’s meant to be a barrel of laughs and a load of fun. Double or triple jumping through the air while laying the smackdown on Niemans forces just feels over the top, but right for the game.

Another thing I really enjoyed with the Crackdown 3 was the fact that you can pick up different objects lying around and just launch them at enemies, as you get stronger you can start to pick up bigger items, you can check out my video below to see me in action just spearing someone with a random pipe.

One little issue I had with Crackdown 3 was the shooting mechanics and aiming. In the game, auto aim is very prevalent, just pressing down on the left trigger sends it to the nearest enemy, then shoot away. My issue is that when trying to shoot several bullets quickly, especially from the conqueror pistol/hand cannon, a lot of the time the first shot would hit, but the second wouldn’t register, and there would be nothing get in the way, in the open, no different variables in between me and the enemy in front, just randomly some shots wouldn’t register, which would get annoying as I would be wasting so much ammo, which most of the time wouldn’t be an issue as there would be supply drops nearby to refill or there would be refill pods dotted about to use. It would be interesting to know if anyone else had the above issue of shots not registering.

I have had a go at the multiplayer, but I will admit that I haven’t played much of it, but what I have played is interesting. The destruction mechanism is good, seeing buildings completely topple into nothingness is excellent and I think it has a positive future for other games, but I don’t think the formula is completely there. Yes, it is mesmerising seeing the buildings topple, but the cleanliness and crispness of it just aren’t there and could really do with some fine-tuning. I have no doubt that once the tech to do this is fully there, we will see a lot more games using this, it’s a good start but more needs to be done.

Overall, Crackdown 3 is some good ol’ over the top fun. The simple formula of go there, do this, take out these enemies, free these people, does work but can get a little repetitive. But the liveliness of the world will keep you entertained.

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