This is a game that really peaked my interest when I saw it was being released on Xbox One. I managed to try the PS4 version and loved the concept and the art behind the game.


The art work really brings out the Noir feel of the game, and I love how its been used within the world of Contrast. The game world is fairly linear in where you have to go, however there are other small areas that you can explore and find Lumière’s! Lumière’s are sort of the in game currency to use when activating certain items within the story.


The main objective of the story is helping a little girl named Didi get her family back together. You play Dawn, a lady who can delve into the shadows and use them to her advantage by getting on top of buildings and to places other people can’t. Which is mainly what you are doing throughout the game. Solving puzzles by using shadows and light to manipulate the world! Its a clever concept to bring to a game and it is well done.


However I did find while playing that there were a few glitches when it came to graphics. Certain items would start blinking and have a white hue around them. I also found that a few times after I had moved a couple of paces, I would end up back where I started, as though the game hadn’t recognised the moves or steps I had taken. Other than those few points the game is pretty solid to play.


In terms of play length and replayability its quite a short game, and as long as your paying attention to the achievements it can be done in one go. I would say that being the case the game would only take roughly up to 4 hours to complete. It took me just under 3 hours to do, but that was because I had played a bit of the game before so I knew what I was doing. I did have to go back for a few of the achievements as there are a few that can be easily missed. However to 100% this game it is very easy to do.


In conclusion, this is a very solid puzzle game, and the theme is well worked. I would highly recommend it to anyone, that’s despite its rather short running. Well played Compulsion.

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  • LizardKingLXXXI

    Paris has a very special place in my heart & when I saw the trailer for this game it instantly reminded me of Paris & the Moulin Rouge! Its a fun, stylish & slick game & if you are into your Achievements then this is a must. Like you say a quick 4 hour isn game netting you 1000G

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