Coffin Dodgers | Review

I really didn’t know how to start this review. Coffin Dodgers is a light hearted racing game where you play as geriatrics on scooters and race around the world. The characters also include death himself… Which I thought was a little pushing it but in terms of the game, I guess it fits the themes.

There are plenty of modes to play within the game, there is a story mode, quick race, time trials and open world. The story mode I didn’t really enjoy much, I felt that it was rather lacklustre and putting efforts into other areas of the game would have been more beneficial.

The quick races are quite reminisant of Mario Kart, however they lack any depth or quality to them and the tracks do feel rather short.

There is also a split screen option so that you can play with friends, but I never got to try this out as I only have one controller on my PS4.


Quick race, Time Trial do as they say on the tin, and the open world option allows you to free roam the world picking up tasks along the way. There is one task that you can do where you have to find items within a certain time frame, there is a directional arrow to help you find it, however the directions and help it gives it very limited and more designed to how the crow flies. Which sometimes can leave you in limbo.

The graphics for the game I found to be very blocky and quite flat, some of the colours were OK but there were times the lighting was rather lacklustre. For me, with a console like the Xbox One or PS4, graphics and styling should be a lot better than this. Very poor effort in my opinion.

Music can be a very vital point in the game, it creates atmosphere and sets the tone for the game. So when the music at the main menu is one of the most annoying that I have come across it isn’t surprising that most of the game followed suit.

The music within the races and open world etc does have an air of Danny Elfman about it, however I didn’t really find the music that atmospheric, just rather annoying and disjointed to what I was playing.


The game feels rather wooden when playing it, and when trying to turn corners it feels more like turning a jumbo jet than a scooter. There are things around the tracks, such as boosters etc to collect to help you win races. Kind of like in Mario Kart, but there really is nothing new added to make me think “WOW! That’s awesome!”.

If I’m going to be honest about my assessment of the game, I found it very poor, there is so much more that can be improved on. The game play didn’t feel there at all, the game felt quick heavy to me, there didn’t seem to be any real push forward with it to bring something new, and it seems like a game where you would play once and probably never go back, as there doesn’t feel like there is anything to go back to or a reason to go back to it. I think the only reason that I could see people actually going back to play this game is to do so with friends, but for me there are far better racing games that you can play, and the only thing I can say this has going for it, is the novelty aspects of playing as geriatrics on scooters….

I feel there is a distinctive lack of races/tracks within the game and more could have been placed in to give that bit of variety the game deserves and sorely needs.

I am sorry to the devs, but Coffin Dodgers gets a 4 from me.

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