Call of Duty: WWII Beta – Thoughts

It’s that time of year when this the annual Call of Duty marketing and exposure is increased and we start seeing trailers, screenshots and images week by week to get us more excited for the latest iteration of the CoD franchise.

This weekend sees the start of the Beta on PS4 and gives us a chance to see what the next game in the series is like. I have had the privilege of playing the game and I have to admit that from the previous years effort there is a big contrast. Bringing back boots on the ground has made a big difference to the game, it no longer means people are double jumping and flinging themselves left, right and centre to get away from being killed, instead, it’s now down to you and whoever is in front of you…. Or camping in a corner.

The 3 maps that I have played have been very different to one another, my favourite being Gibraltar. One thing I will say about the maps is that they do cater to every play style, there are tight narrow corridors for close quarter’s combat, long sight lines for sniping as well as open areas for big open battles.

The one issue I have with the game from what I’ve seen with the beta is how the game looks, there haven’t been any graphical upgrades and it looks just like the games from the last couple of years, with no improvements (from what I’ve noticed) and just adapting to the new setting/environments.

One thing I have fallen in love with is the audio, the guns and effects sound amazing, and I can remember from the reveal how they went into detail about the research they had gone into and it certainly shows here.

I gave the M1 Garand a try, which was my go to weapon when playing World at War, and I have to say that the ping sound the gun makes when the bullet flies out the barrel when reloading is simply beautiful. I continued to use the gun just so that I could hear that sound throughout the matches, I didn’t care that I wasn’t very good with it, that sound was enough.

It’s not just the sound of the guns that are satisfying the whole effects are simply wonderful, and the clarity which is brought with them is brilliant. The air raids from the kill streaks and artillery shots being fired are amazing.

I did get confused at one point, when I first started the game I selected the good ol’ British army to be my division, yet in the game the voice over is American, or German, or something else, but definitely not British, I would have thought that whoever I selected whether it would have been the British, American, Canadians or French the voice over would have matched that. It’s not impossible for this to be something for the developers to do and would have put a bit more realism to it. I mean if I was in the British army, I wouldn’t expect to be given orders from Americans, especially for the time it was in, all divisions were proud of their heritage and I know that all armies worked together to defeat the Germans, but the line of command would have stayed the same and orders would have still been given by your commanding officer, so it’s a bit strange the voice over doesn’t match this.

The game does still suffer from the same problems that it has done from the last couple of years in that it seems that you can go round the corner and instantly die from someone seemingly knowing you’re there before you see them, or that I can shoot a full magazine into someone and they pop me with 2 bullets and I’m the one that dies.

One thing that was refreshing was that it was nice not having people jumping around trying to bounce their way around me, however, I have seen people trying, I think forgetting that this stuff wasn’t available in World War 2.

I will admit that the game is showing promise, and it’s nice to have boots back on the ground, but there are a lot of issues that I have with the franchise as a whole which is still present. Fingers crossed that Sledgehammer games pays attention to the feedback and improves on the game and makes it one that can get me back into the series.

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Posted by Jonathan Thomas on Tuesday, 29 August 2017