Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – Review

It’s no secret that the Call of Duty franchise over the last couple of years hasn’t been the best, same old engine year after year, same repetitive gameplay, even last years Black Ops 4 missing out a campaign mode entirely in favor of a battle royale and more online experience. To me this was a mistake, a lot of people do enjoy the campaigns and some people do only buy the game for it, so this exclusion was a strange one from a business perspective.

The soft reboot of the Modern Warfare series saw the return of the campaign, and this is what I’m going to talk about first.

I’m usually not one for playing the campaigns, not sure why I think it was just that they never really gripped me and pulled me in. But I had heard good things about this campaign and what I had seen from videos and clips pre-launch was enticing.

I have to admit as well, after playing through the campaign and going back to mop up some of the achievements that I had missed, it was very good. The storytelling was excellent, the characters you played you became invested in because of what was happening, and there were times where you could look at the current climate in the world and really think that this could be the type of stuff that is going on. Each chapter you played through as well seemed to keep things fresh, environments would change, from London to the Middle East and then finding yourself being tortured in jail to prowling bases in the woods, there was always something that was going to keep you on your toes.

I personally think that was one of the reasons I went back through the story again to get the missing achievements was because of how much I enjoyed it. I also liked how good the game looked when I was playing through, the lighting, the textures, everything looked clean and crisp and the campaign played very smoothly.

If you are still yet to play the campaign, I would highly recommend you giving it a go.

Now, I moved onto the online portion of the game, the part which gives the game its longevity throughout the year until the next one comes around. Personally, for me, there have been a lot of improvements done here that have made the online more enjoyable. The gameplay in this year’s Call of Duty is a lot slower than before, however for me, this plays ideally, and I have enjoyed it more than the last number of years. Also, I like the fact that they have gone back to a simple perk system, I really didn’t like the systems that had been thrown out in previous years and this includes the pick 10/13 system that Black Ops tend to use, I could never get on with it, I have always liked the simple Primary, Secondary, Grenade and 3 perks. I had always felt before this year, they were trying to be too smart with how they were doing the perks system and it just needed to be simple and straight forward.

This has also been the most I have played a Call of Duty game for a fair few years, with at the time of writing clocking up 78 hours’ worth of gameplay. Majority of that being in multiplayer as the campaign doesn’t take that long to get through. So, this to me does show the massive improvements that have been made within the game and the gameplay in general, however, the online part does still have its demons and unfortunately, that comes in the form of the people who play the game and want to ruin the experience for others. People who use the maps and system to get an edge over others, finding glitches or hacking the system for their own gain, but I ask the question, what gain? What do people get out of finding glitches and hacks and using them to their own advantage, there is surely no benefit other than self-glory? Basically, falsifying your stats to show people you’re better than them when in truth, you’re not. Unfortunately, this is one thing that year after year seems to go unpunished and continues to happen, ruining the experience for others, when this should be what they keep on top of. What’s the point in reporting someone if they’re just going to be able to continue to do it?

One thing I will applaud Activision/Infinity Ward for is the decision to remove the season pass from the game and make all post-launch content free, following on from what EA did with Battlefield V, although I have to admit, I think I’ve seen more contact in the first 2 and a bit months of Call of Duty as I have seen added to Battlefield V in the 18 or so months that’s been out, which surely is a testament, and nothing against Battlefield V, that is still a very good game in its own right.

Call of duty this year has gone with the recently more popular battle pass model, which rewards players with cosmetics, double XP amongst other things. I personally haven’t dipped into that… yet, mainly because I’ve been playing other games to try and clear down an ever-growing backlog, but once I get back into it again, I may consider buying the battle pass.

Overall, this for me has been a very good experience and one that I’ve enjoyed thoroughly and will continue to enjoy for many months. I enjoy the map designs, the free additions of maps have been a welcome change, and technically the game is very good. I love the gameplay and mechanics, it feels very smooth to play and the campaign is very good. It’s not entirely perfect, sometimes poor spawns can ruin the experience, and the people who take to cheating can dampen moods, but other than that, it’s a very good game to play.

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