Call of Duty: Ghosts [Wii U]

This was one verdict I said I wasn’t going to do. Mainly because with the Xbox versions I had nothing good to say about it, and to me that is the truth. However playing the Wii U version, it feels like a totally new game to me.

How can it feel like a new game? Its the same game as I was playing on the Xbox! I don’t know if I can answer the question, and in truth… I cant, I don’t know why it feels completely different on Wii U to Xbox, but I have been enjoying myself on the game a lot more since I started playing it on the Wii U. I have actually wanted to go on the game and not think, this is just going to end with me turning the Xbox off or switching to something else after 1 game. Could be to do with the network, it could just be the people playing. (No offence to anyone reading this, it isn’t aimed at you 😉 )

That being said though, there are similarities in both versions, and it’s something that plagued the series for years. That is being killed after getting around a corner or getting into cover where no one can see or get to you! Bullet registration being delayed? Is that why countless times I would die when getting around a corner thinking i’m safe?

Ghosts has been a lot more balanced I feel in terms of guns and what’s OP and what’s not. Mainly because I use the same gun, and don’t seem to get killed by people using the same gun, which has happened in previous games where a good percentage of people would run around with the same gun. There is a good variety of the guns being used. That being said I only really use the Honey Badger, and very very occasionally use a sniper or shotgun.

The graphics for this version are a bit grainy at times, especially when zoomed in. There are other problems with the game, there can be a bit of lag, which is fairly annoying, but the game can run quite smooth otherwise.

The one thing I will say is that Nintendo consoles need some competition when it comes to FPSs. Either a first party FPS from Nintendo, or another FPS from a 3rd party. Having only one for the console is quite limiting and is no wonder people will prefer other consoles over the Wii U in general. (No offence Nintendo).

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