Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Beta Hands on

I was lucky enough to get into the early access beta through my Sky TV account, VIP members could apply and get a free code sent through to them to allow the 2 days of early access.

Now, first impressions weren’t the best, playing through the maps that were on offer, I have to admit that I didn’t enjoy them, I didn’t like the flow of them, if you weren’t being killed by campers, then it was people with a red dot sight attached to a sniper rifle for cheap one-hit kills. This was the theme throughout the matches, there were far too many people using sniper rifles as normal rifles, which kind of defeats the purpose of the gun. Funny thing is, this isn’t anything new, it doesn’t seem as prevalent in Modern Warfare, but from previous Black Ops games, and now this one, it seems to be encourages, which I don’t like.

In terms of the modes available, it’s more of the same, however, I do only play Team Deathmatch, I hate objective-based games for the simple reason that I always end up in a team that doesn’t play the objective, no one tries to capture and treats it like TDM by going after as many kills as they can because they know the way the mode is designed they can get higher XP this way than playing TDM. So, imagine my disgust when I saw that all the modes were locked together and in rotation, not cool by my standards. I understand that they want people to try all the modes on offer and have maybe locked them together as so to keep the player count high and finding a game easy.

But when you put out a message afterward to say that this is the most downloaded beta in Call of Duty history, I think the modes could have been locked so people could play what they wanted to. I played a fair amount of matches throughout the beta, but I only ever got to play TDM three times. Even trying to leave the lobby and go back into another one, the game constantly either put me back in the same lobby or just picked another objective based lobby to throw me in.

For me, this is the biggest criticism, not allowing people to just select a certain mode and just throwing them into anything. If I remember the Modern Warfare beta from last year, they had the modes locked for the first day or so, but then opened it up so you could choose which mode you wanted to play.

I wasn’t a fan of the movement in the game, it constantly felt like you were on ice sliding through the map rather than actually running, I can’t really describe it but it didn’t feel natural. All in all, for me, this feels like a step back, there may be some of the issues that people encountered that can be rectified in time for launch, but when this is meant to be the showcase to say ‘HEY LOOK AT OUR AWESOME NEW GAME’ and it ends up falling flat on its face, when you get up from it, it isn’t really a good look.

Will I end up getting the game? Maybe, but probably not on launch, unless I see something in the mean time that warrants a day one purchase. I am still undecided whether to get it, from what I played of the beta, I may not bother this year.

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