Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Multiplayer Review

Please be advised that this review is based on the Multiplayer aspect of the game only. Single Player will be added at a later date.

Well, its that time of year again. A new iteration of Call of Duty is upon us. There are many who are devote to the series and look forward to this time of year every year, there are also those who are fans of the series, who are excited about what the new game holds.
I would say that we at Xbox Family are defiantly fans of the series, and do look forward to what each year brings. However, after Ghosts complete let down for us, we were apprehensive about the way in which the series was going. Was the franchise going down hill, was this down to Infinity Ward? Or was it just a general Call of Duty decline?

CoD AW_Ascend_Boost

We were apprehensive about the way the series was going, however we were excited for what Sledgehammer Games could bring to the table. We know they have previous with Modern Warfare 3, however that was under Infinity Wards wing. What could they do on there own when let loose with the franchise. Was it going to be a game with the same decline standards, or where they going to leave there own mark on the game?

The answer from us is that they have definitely left there mark on the Franchise. The game feels fresh and it makes me feel like I did when I first started playing Call of Duty games online with Black Ops.

CoD AW_Biolab_3 on 1

The one thing i have found missing from the game since right back with Modern Warfare 3 (Black Ops 2 aside) is the fun element. I actually feel like I’m having fun with the game again, and not wanting to smash my controller through my TV.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still some Call of Duty curses present within the game (Getting killed around a corner by bending bullets being one) but the feel of the game keeps it fun.
The Exoskeleton is a fantastic addition to the series, and i know everyone has been saying that its just ripping off Titanfall, but the Exoskeleton suits bring a new dynamic to the game, there are similarities in the functions of it to what you get in Titanfall, but there are differences too. Being able to dodge opponents side to side, as well as jump up and fly back behind someone is satisfying. Because of the new level of verticality within the game, it brings a whole new level of depth to the maps, which means you have to be weary of your opponents from not just the ground level, but most ledges and high points now too! Which for me is excellent, gives that extra element of a challenge.

CoD AW_Defender_Bridge the Gap

The maps are really nice maps and give something for everyone. There are big vast open maps such as Riot and Terrace to small but more open and longer ranging maps like Instinct. The maps are well detailed and have there own stories to tell. Most of the maps are usually taken from or are based on areas visited in during the Single Player Campaign. I cant comment on this yet, as i haven’t played the single player campaign.

Another thing in regards to the maps I love, is how they can dynamically change. From Tsunami’s to new new rooms being added, to half of the map being covered in Lava. I think its fantastic and keeps you on your toes. I’m not sure if these happen at certain times during the matches or whether its completely random, but they are cool!

CoD AW_Riot_Gun Blazing

The guns and customisation within the game is plentiful. In regards to the guns, there maybe only 6 or less per category. However, there are plenty of variations of each gun. Example of this would be that I have the BAL 27 unlocked. Its the first gun you can use in Assault Rifles, however you can unlock variants of this such as an Inferno variant, SPR variant etc. Each of these variants either have a redesigned gun or the gun has different stats. Such as the Inferno variant is a heavier weapon so its mobility is lowered however its handling and fire rate are increased. At the moment, this is my gun of choice, and I absolutely love it!

This leads me onto Create a class. I was happy to see this was unlocked from the start and you could dive straight in with a few basics to make a class you could be comfortable with. The pick 13 system which is based on the Black Ops 2 pick 10 system is one of my favourite systems and i love this way of creating my class. Again, this is customising to the max, having what I want. If I don’t want a secondary weapon and I want another perk 1 instead. Happy days, I can go ahead and do it, or if I don’t want any perks and I want an extra score streak and attachment, bam, its mine.

CoD AW_Defender_Under the Bridge

There’s plenty of options as well to style your character and make him look how you want. This is one of the things I love about it, Sledgehammer have you to give the game a personality, they’ve allowed you to make pretty much anything look how you want it to, and in essence making it your game.

Which then leads onto the lobbies. Because of all the customisation and everything, it makes lobbies more interesting, as you can see each player and how they have customised there character, instead of a boring list of names which appears.


  • Matt (MyGamerXP)

    I’ve been tempted to pick this up! It’s a tough choice between this and the Halo collection out tomorrow.

  • SimplyThom

    It felt exactly the same to me. Rage inducing. Getting killed by one bullet after pumping round into an opponent was always the one thing that turned me of cod. My problem with the exosuits is that the game isn’t fast enough to be able to track them like Titanfall. It’s like trying to shoot fleas. Just to much frustration to be enjoyable for me. I will play the single player and do into mp occasionally but this just makes me yearn even more for Halo.

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