Butcher – Review

Butcher is described as a 2D Doom homage, tipping its hat to running and gunning old school Doom style.

Can it live up to the hype that is Doom though?  Released on Steam last year, it has now been ported over to the PS4, so how does it fare on console?

Well, I found the game very repetitive. The levels only last a couple of minutes and your time shows at the end when you have finished it. During each level there are no checkpoints, so basically you have to do it in one without dying… Which is fairly easy at times to do as there are plenty of health packs around to keep fit and ready for what’s ahead. I found it quite key to getting through each level by planning things out, however, with the fast pace of the game, and a number of enemies that are coming at you at times, this isn’t always possible.

Movement is the key to the game, if you stop and stay still to admire the pixelation in front of you, you’re dead. Simple. If you move around the level, you’re going to be fine. There are sections in the world where you can drop to the section below to collect ammo, health etc.

The controls for Butcher are pretty simple to master, you have the right analogue stick to aim, R2 does all the firing and L2 jumps. I did get a bit confused at first and kept pressing L2 to aim, which caused my character to jump and also some rather hilarious deaths….

The game does state that the only difficulty level for this game is hard, it isn’t as there is a casual mode, however, if you are a trophy seeker and want to experience the full game, the developers have grabbed you by the balls with this one. Mainly because if you choose the casual mode, a lot of the trophies are locked away and there are certain features which are disabled.

I have to admit, that this does piss me off somewhat. Forcing people to play out of their comfort zone isn’t a good way to get those interested in your game, it’s basically isolating people from playing. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

There are online leaderboards which you can compete with other gamers,  this allows some quite competitive action. Mainly because the levels are short and this makes them very easy to get to grips with, so I would expect to see a lot of Speed runs going on through Twitch and YouTube.

The further you get in the game the more weapons that become available to you, and there are a lot that you would expect to see in this type of game, from shotguns to chainsaws. You will no doubt come to love the shotgun, I found it to be my best friend throughout the game, mainly because it does just rip through enemies that are there, however it is nice to mix it up once in a while and get up close and personal with the chainsaw.

Butcher does have its audience, I have to admit that this game isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, and the lack of checkpoints as well as the fairly shallow game play will only compound it.


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