Bridge Constructor Stunts | Review

Headup Games brings us there second Bridge Constructor game for Xbox One. I enjoyed the first game, for me it was something interesting and different to play, as well as something that required a fair bit of brain work.

A had me thinking though, how could they improve on the first game, was there anything that they could add to this?

In Bridge Constructor Stunts it’s not just about creating the bridges, it’s about getting to the finish line while completing stunts and other objectives. One thing I like about the objectives was that if you’re objective was to just get the finish line, or that was in the objectives, you wouldn’t be able to fly across the line, that wouldn’t count, you had to always drive across the line. Which at times was quite frustrating as you would have to get the speed right for the car to be able to land perfectly to get across the line.


The first couple of levels are OK, you’re guided through them and shown the basics of the game in a form of tutorial to introduce you to the game. The later levels are a different kettle of fish, with more and more complex ideas being put in such as areas in which you can’t build a bridge into (more than likely because it would make it easier to get through the level) as well as adding to the objectives by collecting stars. The building also becomes a lot harder as the only indicators of where and what to build are what has been auto populated by the game, which at times can mean several sections needing to be constructed before getting to the goal…. Unless you’re really lucky and get a break by a lucky explosion or something else going wrong.

There are subtle hints within the game to help you, but these are mainly little messages which are placed at the start of the level saying things such as ‘Ramp too flat to get star’… Which gives you an idea that you need to add or modify the ramp that’s already there.

The further as well you get into the game the more components that are available, such as getting steel ropes to help hold up bridges and give them more strength, and this also means that these can be used at a longer distance to the standard wooden ones you get. There are also more vehicles that are introduced to the fold, which again adds to the difficulty, as can you imagine trying to get an 18 wheeler up the following ramp?


There is a budget attached to each level as well, meaning you can only spend so much on each construction, and once that budget has run out, then you’re either going to have to amend and change or just pray that what you have built works… But one good thing is that you can have a simulation before hand to make sure that at least everything is standing and holding together.

Graphically, the game isn’t the best looking one I’ve seen, but it does do the job for the game. It’s a pretty simple game and the graphics go along with this.

The one problem I had with Bridge Constructor Stunts was that after a while the game got rather repetitive, and I think this was the problem that I had with the first game as well. There is only so much you can play in one sitting, or if you can power through the game and spend a few hours getting it out of the way then that is another option, and the game will only take you a few hours to get through.


Which again leads to another point. There really is no replayability for me, unless you want to keep playing for the achievements, then you are going to have to work fairly hard for them, but after a few hours of play, it shouldn’t be hard to get a lot of them.

Overall, it is a very simple game that gets the brain going, it lacks in replayability and longevity, but it very fun to play for the most part, if not frustrating at times.



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