Bridge Constructor Portal – Review

I enjoyed the previous Bridge Constructor games, and this portal version of the game was something different to try with the franchise. I have always liked these type of games for getting the brain going, getting me thinking about what my next step is or how am I going to tackle this next obstacle.

The basic idea for the game is that you have to try and build a sturdy enough structure to allow a forklift over it without it collapsing. There are 60 levels to complete with levels getting progressively harder the further you get into the game with more and more items coming into play as obstacles for you to build over or around.

You will find that when playing this game that there are going to be a lot of failings, and when I say a lot, I mean it. I lost count of how many times I managed to fail levels, but the idea behind it is to make tweaks to your design and try again. If it shall fall once more, back to the drawing board. This was the same on the previous Bridge Constructor and I liked the fact that they’ve stuck with the core gameplay here.

There is a tutorial to the game and this guides you through nicely, teaching you the essentials and getting you ready for what lies ahead. Things aren’t thrown at you quickly, and new introductions are done quite timely in a way to not overwhelm. Which I have to admit was a kind of blessing, especially after mentioning above about the failings you’re going to suffer, the game allows you to get used to things, while still not making it stupidly easy, it keeps you at a level before bumping it up slightly and introducing something new for you to play with.

The latter stages can be tedious and get a bit repetitive. The further you get into the latter stages you will start to find that levels start to take a little bit more time to complete, sometimes taking up to 50 minutes to an hour to complete. This is all down to failings and having to tweak your design to make sure that your forklift can get across.

Button and touch controls are good, they are well thought out and do the job, however the zooming of the camera isn’t the best and you can tell that it would be better suited to using a mouse for it as it does need precision, and there is a lot of clicking what has to be done when it comes to placing the items you want, which isn’t the best for using a controller and again can become tedious.

I found that the use of the Portal license has fallen a bit flat. Jokes don’t really hit the spot and it seems that they’ve decided to thrown this onto it after. Suddenly deciding when the levels are designed that they need to add a little more to it, it doesn’t hurt the game and the game is still fun, it just feels like something is missing and it could have been used a lot better than it has been.

Bridge Constructor Portal is a good game, just like its predecessors it hits the spot in terms of an enjoyable puzzler, it plays well on the Switch both docked and handheld and if you like your puzzlers and haven’t played any of the other games in the series, that won’t matter. This is a good of a starting point as any and if you enjoy this, I would recommend the other games in the series.