Borderlands 3 – Review

I must admit, as much as I liked what I saw in the build-up to Borderlands 3, I was apprehensive about the game, I had a go at Borderlands 2 when it came to Games Pass and I didn’t really enjoy it, there was just something about it that didn’t appeal to me. This is what put doubt in my mind as to whether I should go for 3 or not.

After work on launch day, I went out and still with a lot of doubt in my mind, I went out and bought a copy of the game. I will start by saying that I haven’t looked back since and every minute of the game that I’ve played, I’ve loved. It’s not a flawless game, to say the least, but the content and things to do within are amazing.

The basic premise for the game is that you’re after vaults, being a vault hunter, that kind of makes sense…. However, so are the Calypso twins and the main story is basically stopping them. The story takes you through different planets as you try and find key fragments and follow the clues within.

I really enjoyed the story it was a decent length and kept me enthralled throughout, this is one thing that keeps me playing a game, if the story is good, I’ll keep playing as I want to know more, and this definitely had a good story to it. I loved the fact that when you have finished the story, or even when you haven’t finished the story, you can return to Pandora and the other planets to uptake some side missions, of which there are plenty to do, ranging from helping a chef take out the competition to fixing and sorting a barista or burger bot.

There’s a lot of content here to be getting on with, one issue I had was that they tended to be much the same style of mission, go here, kill this, bring back, oh no more bad guys, kill, repeat and finish. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of the missions may have felt the same in terms of what you were having to do, but the amount of fun you had doing them, it really didn’t bother me. The random quips and comments that get flung around during them, such as hearing a psycho or martyr shout ‘Excelsior’ as they run towards you made me all warm and happy!

Firefights are crazy, as is the number of guns that are available in the game. I have yet to see or collect 2 weapons the same. I’ve collected the same weapon, but a different variant which had a slightly modified look, but nothing that is the same. Considering the number of loot boxes that I’ve opened throughout the game, which is in the 1000s, this is very impressive. The amount of loot on offer as well is amazing, there’s always ammo or health available at every turn.

When you’re aboard Sanctuary, which is the ship you use as your base to get between planets, there’s a gun store about where you can check out guns on offer to buy as well as upgrades such as increase in inventory size, the amount of ammo you can hold as well as grenades storage increases.

There is a skill tree for your character (I picked Amara) where you can unlock certain things such as health and damage increase/resistance. What I found quite good about this is that it lets you upgrade your character how you want, most of the skills have up to 5 levels, meaning you can upgrade them 5 times and each time the percentage of increase will grow. After so many points are spent, this then opens the next level, so you can then go onto them. However, if you wanted to continue upgrading the row you’re on, keep going, that’s completely your choice and you have the freedom to do that. I tended to move on and add new abilities etc as they opened up and then go back to increase ones I had opened up later when the next row hadn’t unlocked for me.

When playing Borderlands 3 the game felt smooth to play, the guns felt good and the sounds we’re brilliant, the only issue I had with the game was that there were quite a few times when the frame rate would drop to a trickle for a few seconds and it kind of became a bit off-putting for me. This was especially the case when there was a lot of things happening in firefights, so I’m hoping that there will be a patch brought out to try and make the game a bit more stable. I’m not one for season passes, but I must admit that with all the things to do at end game as well as the story DLC that will be released, I am tempted to get the season pass for this game.

For me, this is an absolutely brilliant game, complete madness, excellent story and loads of stuff to do after the story has ended. Very much recommended.

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