Biomutant Next Gen Upgrade First Look

The next-gen upgrade is coming next week for Biomutant and we have been gifted our next look at what we’re going to be greeted with. You can check out the videos below for both the Xbox Series S and X.

Here is footage for the Series X upgrade:

There are 3 modes from which you’ll be able to choose on the Series X:

  • Xbox Series X Quality: Native 4K Resolution, 30FPS
  • Xbox Series X ‘Quality Unleashed’: Native 4K (with Dynamic Resolution) @ up to 60FPS
  • Xbox Series X Performance: Native 1440p (with Dynamic Resolution) @ stable 60FPS

Here is footage from the Series S version:

The Series S also has 3 options which you can pick from:

  • Xbox Series S Quality: Native 1440p (with Dynamic Resolution) @ stable 30FPS
  • Xbox Series S ‘Quality Unleashed’: Native 1440p (with Dynamic Resolution) @ up to 60FPS
  • Xbox Series S Performance: Native 1080p (with Dynamic Resolution) @ stable 60FPS

Will this get you back into or give Biomutant another go? I will be going back to Biomutant when the updates releases as this is one game that is on my Backlog.

The best part about this upgrade is that if you already own the game, the upgrade is going to be free. Who doesn’t love free?

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