Binaries – Switch Review

Binaries released last month on the Nintendo e-shop adding to what is already a very strong list of puzzlers, and not only that but high-quality puzzlers, and I have to admit that I didn’t have high hopes for this game, I thought it was going to be one of those just to add to the numbers. But I have been pleasantly surprised by what I have played of it.

The main aim of the game is basically, there are 2 balls…. an orange and a blue one and you have to get them from one side where they start to there respected finishing stands. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Well, I thought that too, the first few levels lure you into a false sense of security, making you think ‘ah this isn’t too bad…’ before suddenly realising that you’re not in a clapped out old car but a Porsche and you can actually hit 0 to 60 in only a couple of seconds and you’re looking at the level you have to do and how to get the balls through it as though quantum mechanics are going to required to solve the issue. I have to admit that the game had me sweating on a few occasions, I had died about 33 times trying to solve this, I had had my eureka moment, but just couldn’t get it to work, I knew this was how I did it, was confident of it, but it just wouldn’t come off.

Timing in this game is crucial, getting the balls in the right place, or knowing which to move first will probably mean a few deaths first before you manage to get it, or know what the hell that you have to do. What was more frustrating was there were some levels that I was dying loads and loads on, but when I finally figured it out, I was kicking myself for not seeing it sooner, and that’s what this game does, it likes to make you think that the levels are harder than what they actually are.

I liked the little messages that were placed within the levels, giving you hints, or which were just random messages that didn’t mean anything… Or maybe they did and I just didn’t get it… Who knows! It goes with the complete craziness that is this game. There are times where the game tries to mock you by saying things like “You’re doing well at this… Too well….” and then on the next part going “That’s slowed you down…” – These did make me laugh, sometimes there was a guffaw!

Now, onto the controls, both balls are controlled by one controller, and it took me a while to realise that and take the controller out of the holder and use one Joy Con singularly… I honestly nearly gave up with the review as I couldn’t figure out what was going on…. Then it dawned on me… Stupid Joon!

Controlling both balls with one controller is what really puts the mind bender to this game, mainly because both balls do exactly the same when pressed on the controller, both jump and move and do the same thing, so using the environment to control movement was essential in some levels.

The music was very enjoyable and I think at some points it helped stopped me from completely raging out on the game, but this was a good rage, as the game was doing what it was designed too, and that is to be challenging while at the same time laugh at you for your stupidity and move choices…. Hence the 30+ deaths on a lot of levels.

I have to admit that I liked the game, it was challenging and for me, it was something different to play. I also have to admit that I don’t think I’ve said the word balls so much in one review and it to be a good thing… Balls.

If you like challenging puzzlers, and also once complete going for speed runs through the game, I would highly recommend this game.