Beach Buggy Racing – Review

Beach Buggy Racing is essentially a Mario Kart clone and if you own Mario Kart you wont find anything new or innovative here. Set that aside however and for £9.99 you have a large racing game with plenty of options on offer.

When you first start the game you’ll be placed into a tutorial set in the career mode, this is one of the main modes in the and it allows you to unlock new tracks and other cars and people to control other than your initial character. Every time you complete a set of races you are offered to race one on one with the character you will unlock by beating them. This essentially is repeated but the races become more numerous and obviously tougher.

During races you have power ups to collect along the race routes which range from the usual offensive or defensive options and various shortcuts scattered around and every race will net you some winnings to help you unlock additional upgrades for your car.

Aside from Career mode, other modes in the game include Quickplay, Split Screen, Championships and Daily Challenges. Championships are essentially the cc Cups from Mario Kart and the same principles apply here, earn stars to unlock the next cc event and there are enough events to keep you busy here for a while. There are 15 tracks in total and these then have different environmental effects applied to them to give them a unique feel each time you visit them so it doesn’t become tiresome seeing the same landmarks.

You also have customization options available ranging from car upgrades which changes the performance of your selected car to paint jobs allowing to give your car the personal look, this is a nice touch and adds more depth to the game.

The driving is arcadey and I had no issues or frustrations with how the driving handled or the way the game played, it was fun and easy to pick up and put down, this is a great value third-party racing title and if you fancy something different or just enjoy kart racers this should definitely be a consideration especially at this price point.