Battlefield V & Team Deathmatch maps

Battlefield V when released was one of my favourite games, and in a sense to this day still is, Call of Duty has been going off for a long time, I haven’t found any of the games in the last few years enjoyable, WWII has been the closest I’ve come to enjoyment in a Call of Duty game.

Since Battlefield 1 (probably since BF3 when I started playing the franchise) I’ve much preferred to play Battlefield. The feel of the games for me personally is much better, I’ve preferred the feel of the movement and the guns.

But there has been one thing lately that has really grinded my gears and it is EA/DICE changing the boundaries for some of the Team Deathmatch Maps. Now, this wouldn’t be too bad if they didn’t reduce the maps down to a point where you basically Spawn, die, spawn, die. The aerodrome is one example of this, the bottom section of the map with the huts and the 2 hangers behind have been entirely removed, leaving a section to the left of the Aerodrome where snipers can hang back and get you when you spawn, it also leaves the Aerodrome section itself. Which again, depending on where you spawn on the map, people can hang back and just snipe, whether it’s down the 2 straights on either side or through the middle. This map has been royally messed up for me, with the other sections in there, especially the huts and the 2 hangers, the action was more spread, it was easier to get around and be more tactical in your approach, especially when sneaking through or around the huts. Yes, the sniper points where there, but at least you could find a way of getting away from them, protect yourself, or try and flank them.

With the new design, this isn’t possible, you spawn either end of the Aerodrome on either side, but with this there are still a lot of long sight points where people can pin you down with sniper fire. I’ve played so many matches on this new design where I’ve spawned by the observation tower to suddenly find I’m being fired at by Snipers, people waiting on the other end knowing that we’re going to be spawning there. It has brought at times episodes of spawn, die, spawn, die, which becomes disheartening and I went a while without playing the game because of this. Which in my opinion was a shame, as I do love this game, yes it was threadbare when it was released, but I still found the game entertaining and was my shooter of choice. To have my enthusiasm zapped because of what I feel were unnecessary changes isn’t the best and I have to admit, from the comments I’ve seen I’m not the only one.

Another map changed was Narvik, the Norwegian town (The one I only recently learned was at the foot of Fjell 652… Go figure) this one for me wasn’t as drastic, but still, I don’t understand why it has been changed. The southern section with the mounds and the sniper point to the right-hand side have all been removed. It’s left the town to fight through, which is still a decent size but again, I don’t understand why it was edited?

The most baffling one of all for me was Devastation. I would say around 75% of the map has been removed, it used to stretch from the twisted metal wreck of buildings in the south right up and along passed the church. The map now consists of the twisted metal of wrecked buildings in the south, the area is tiny and I just can’t get my head around why it’s been reduced so drastically? There was nothing wrong with how it was, the church was a good fighting ground and the outsides were good flank areas, it was very good to play and yes, when people camped in the upstairs of the church, it could be annoying, but it wasn’t impossible to dislodge that and take it yourself, there were several entrances to the church down the sides, one at the back, the main door, so it didn’t mean you had to get stuck in a rut of going through the front door and getting mowed down, change it up and make the teamwork for the church. This was one of my favourite maps in the game, mainly due to this, but now it’s terrible, the map doesn’t flow well for me and the changes, as I’ve mentioned loads of times are unnecessary.

I did reach out to DICE during a live stream at Gamescom and asked if the TDM maps would be put back to their original state as these maps now ruined the experience for me, to which the reply I had from it was ‘No Comment’ – Take of this what you will, it can be one of two ways, which is they don’t care, deal with it, or it is something that they are looking into because of the backlash.

While I’m talking about the maps in BFV and TDM in general, the maps for conquest etc are huge, TDM has a little section from each of the maps. Why can’t more sections from the full conquest map be turned into a TDM map? Giving more map options, or rotate several versions every few weeks or something, keep the game fresh, If they’re going to change maps and ruin them, I would rather they made new versions from a different part of the map and rotate them in.

I do hope that they change the maps back to what they were originally, I found them more enjoyable in that state and I also hope that changes to other maps aren’t lined up.

I would love to get your opinions on the map changes in BFV. Let me know in the comments below.

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