Battlefield Hardline

I was a bit apprehensive about getting this game, especially after the launch of Battlefield 4, and how long it took for that to become a stable game. Don’t get me wrong, I love the battlefield series and when 4 was working it was an excellent game. But lag and other issues, could at times render the game unplayable, which was a shame.

I played the Beta, and was quietly impressed with it. The guns felt good, the game felt good, however sometimes this can be a bit misleading as the amount of people who will be playing the demo wont be the same amount on the actual game, as the beta is a basic watered down version with only a few modes.

As I had been impressed with the beta, I decided to take the plunge and by the game. I have to say that I have been very impressed with the game on a whole. From the stability of the Multiplayer to single player and how its laid out within the game.

The graphics for the game a lovely, well laid out and I have found the multiplayer maps to be beautifully designed. I will go into this more later in the multiplayer section.

Single Player
I love how the single player is set out in Hardline, just like episodes of a cop show! It even has the ‘Next time on Hardline…’ when you leave the single player and return to the main menu. Gives you that glimpse of what’s to come when you return…. Good way to try and entice players to stay on for another episode.


I also love the fact that if an enemy sees you its not all straight guns blazing, you have the option before they engage to make them freeze and drop there weapon allowing you then to proceed with an arrest. You can scan the people in a building and if there’s a person there with an arrest warrant out for them and you arrest them and don’t kill them, you get extra XP for it. Nice touch there I feel, its promoting the stealth side of things and showing that you don’t have to go in all guns blazing, which I have found as a nice change to the normal… ‘Screw this, shoot on sight kind of play’….

There is plenty to do within the single player, as there are people with warrants to arrest as well as evidence to find in regards to other case files. So plenty to be looking for when going around the episodes.


The story behind the episodes relates to crooked cops and trying to get the evidence to lock them up, plenty of twists and turns that will keep you going. One of which took me by surprise however, it was one I should have maybe have seen coming.

The single player story is good, and having it laid out like a cop show is brilliant and is something different.

I have found the multiplayer to be fantastic and have thoroughly enjoyed the games I have played. I have only played Team Deathmatch, Blood Money and Heist. The former as that is my preferred mode to play and the other two modes as they were the new modes introduced into the game.

Blood money is so much fun to play, especially playing with Friends. Its a variant of Capture the Flag, where you have to collect money from the money pile or steal it from the oppositions vault and place the money into your own vault. The winner is the first to get 150 piles into there vault.

I have found it hectic but has been so much fun to play.

The one problem I have encountered and this is more to do with TDM is that the spawns at the moment are so messed up, it tends to be spawn, dead repeat. I have made a video which you can see below, which shows how bad the spawns are, im praying that they fix these quite quickly.

Here is another video which epitomises the bad spawns from TDM

As you can see, there’s some work that needs doing there, and what confuses me more with TDM, is that if they were going to put 64 people in a match, why didn’t they expand the map sizes to accommodate. I’m all for having more people, but to keep the size how they were and not really expand much isnt very good.

Don’t get me wrong though, its not every map, some maps like Downtown and Bank Job are perfect as they have the verticality to go with it, so people can be more spread out. However, maps like The Block and Everglades are gluten for punishment when it comes to spawns, as you will see from the second video above which was from a match of Everglades.


That is really my only gripe with the game, other than that I haven’t had many other problems with the multiplayer, there have been one or 2 instances of lag, but nothing major and nothing that would be ‘Game Breaking’.

People were worried about this game just being a re skin of BF4, however I can honestly say that this game can stand on its own in the franchise and be a game that’s done the franchise proud.


My conclusion for the game is that if you were on the fence about this game, and you have EA Access on Xbox One, download the trial and give it a go. I know there are people who have done this and ended up getting the game after playing a few hours.

Money well spent in my opinion. Solid 8.1 from Joon!

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