Battlefield 4 Review

I love this game, and I mean, I really love the game. I love the concept, the straightforwardness to battle of, we’re not going to give you perks where you can reload faster, or sprint like a mad man. No, I love the fact that it’s, you get your gun, side arm, and additional inventory such as medic pack, repair tool etc. All the things you would expect to have ready for you on the battlefield.

The maps are beautiful, there’s a vast amount of modes available. Plenty to see and do, specially when the maps change significantly from a Team Deathmatch to Conquest Large, and it becomes a whole new map. However the constant problems this game has suffered since launch has hindered the greatness it could have been. Don’t get me wrong, its an amazing game… When its working. But when I’m standing there, and I’m shooting 31 bullets into someone and all are hitting, and they still have 12 health left and kill me by scraping my arse cheek with a bullet. We suddenly have a problem. Playing the game over the last few nights, all I’ve had from the servers is constant rubber banding, and people looking like there moonwalking round the map, and my bullets not registering even though to me, all my shots are on target. The amount of lag as well, where I will see my player suddenly stop for a few seconds as though he’s stuck is annoying. What’s more annoying is when that happens, and the player comes back from the frozen state, he’s suddenly dead… I always have a habit when things like this happen to see if it is me and my connection, and whenever I’ve tested my connection its always been at the 30mb download mark, with a 5-10mb upload. More than sufficient to play the game without these horrible issues. Another thing that gets to me is the fact, that as well as the freezing, the player will sometimes get caught and stuck on stupid things in the world that he really shouldn’t be getting stuck on. It might be a 2×4 on the floor or a concrete brick. Nothing that in normal day to day life would constitute you becoming immobile while walking over it… I would just like to add that this isn’t every game, or every server. It seems to be quite random depending on server connection etc.

When Battlefield 4 is working, you can usually have some very close battles as well as some impressive shots using the various weapons. Such as the video below.

Now. I want to go on and talk about the premium membership. Is it worth £40 of your hard earned money? If you were going to buy all the map packs any way I would say, in terms of the price per individual map pack, yes its worth it. Should it be the price it is? I dont think so, I think its rather steep having to basically pay twice for the game. I think £25-30 would suffice, then lower the individual map packs slightly as well in line with that.

  • Steve Burman

    I like elements of this game, Team Deathmatch and Domination being those elements. I only play those modes because Conquest and Rush are populated with helicopter pilots with the skill of Stringfellow Hawke (Google him or ask your parents) and jet pilots who would rival Maverick and Goose and my pilot skills are more akin to Mr Magoo. This is another game where communication is key to having fun and getting positive results. There have been and still are major problems with gameplay but when it works , it works really well. Up until Ghosts I was a major CoD fanboy but they screwed the pooch with the the last instalment and I jumped ship to BF.

    • superjoon

      Thanks for the Comment Steve! Im pretty much in the same sentiment as yourself in terms of playing Non Vehicular modes…. Mainly as i can crash a helicopter without it taking off… Joon Skillzzzz

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