Assassins Creed: Unity Review

This is one game every year that I look forward too. I love the series, and have been with it since the beginning. I think the thing that keeps me coming back to the series is the Historical aspects. I love history, and I love learning about different historical events that have happened, or learning about certain times. This is what the Assassins Creed series does for me.


Assassins Creed: Unity gives you an insight into the French Revolution and how things were during the time. Basically, one thing i have noticed from the game that represents the time is that the slightest wrong doing and its ‘Off with your head!’. Guillotines everywhere!!

The worlds are beautifully detailed, and capture the essence from France at the time of the Revolution. Each area has its own identity and this can be seen from the NPCs that walk around. One area you will see Aristocrats walking round the streets, you go into another area and you will end up in the slums with the poor, or you find yourselves with the inbetweens dancing and singing the night away! The atmosphere is fantastic in the game, and really brings out the differences in people from the French Revolution!

One of the things that impresses me with this game is the sheer amount of people on the streets. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of people, lining the streets. Some people may find this annoying, as the density can mean you struggle to fight your way through them. But I love it, again this adds character to the to the game, the world and the NPCs within the game.


The story is a fantastic one, and I’ve really been able to get into it, it follows on from the Sage story in Black Flag. This is also another reason I love the Assassins Creed Series, the continuity between the games, linking each one in some form.

The game also comes with plenty of side missions, and other little bits and bobs to keep you tied over for quite sometime. There are murder mysteries to solve, which so far i have found very enjoyable!

There are also Co-op missions for you to undertake with either your friends, or you can join missions with Random Players from around the world. You can get some quite nifty items and rewards for completing these missions

There are also the standard chests to find around the world, and this time you have different types of chests to play with. You have your standard chests, but now you also have chests for Co-op missions, Nomad Chests which is linked to the companion app. You have to do missions on the app to be able to unlock these chests. You then have the special gold chests, which are only unlockable when you get Arno to a certain level.


There were some instances in the old games where the movement and climbing felt to me a bit wooden. However, in Unity the movement feels a lot more fluid, and the way Arno climbs is smoother, which makes me very happy.

However, with the good comes the bad. There are glaring issues with the game that can be fixed with patches. However, i beg to ask the question, if there are problems occuring just like i have experienced then should a game be allowed to release in this state? Doesnt Microsoft test these before they go out, or are the bigger publishers exempt from this?

Have a read on for the problems i have been having and judge for yourself.

I have had frame rate issues, and basically the game stuttering on me several times. I’ve somehow managed to fall through the world twice when jumping off buildings and been desyncronised. Either that or i have been stuck within a building! I have also seen NPCs stuck in buildings as well as NPCs walking sideways when I’ve had to follow them for a mission. (Basically a protect mission)

To me, there are some horrible issues there which should have been sorted before launch. Especially the falling through the world and being stuck in a building. I am truly hoping these can be fixed with patches, and its done rather quickly. People are being put off the game because of issues like this, and i feel this is a brilliant game, that deserves the attention.

I am going to give this game in its current state 75%. I will revisit this when patches have been released to fix the issues. I feel i am being overly harsh to the a game i feel deserves to be in the 80% bracket. However, i cannot overlook some of the glaring issues that the game has.


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  • Matt (MyGamerXP)

    Great review. I’ve heard a lot of disappointing things about the glitches in this game which yes, they can be patched, but like you said it shouldn’t have even shipped in this state. I too do wonder if bigger publishers are given an easier pass, but this really needs to change. Before the days of console game patches, they had to be perfect! I don’t know why it seems they are more lazy nowadays or trying to cut corners? It’s great that your review is for the game in it’s current state though, and that you may edit it later once these are fixed. Nice touch! 🙂

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