Apex Legends – Review

Well, Apex Legends has come along as a surprise. On February 4th Respawn Entertainment announced and released Apex Legends, a new Battle Royale game set in the Titanfall universe. What was one of the best points about it, it was all completely free to play. Loot boxes are included however the only things that they provide are cosmetic items, nothing that it going to give you an edge in the game. 

I have played Apex Legends since it was announced, I watched the reveal and downloaded the game straight away, the first thing that really impressed me about the game is how well it worked straight out the box, so to speak, the game play felt slick, there weren’t any issues and that’s how it has felt every time I have played the game. What surprised me even more is that there was no word of it before, no open or private betas, and the game just feels so polished, so complete.

I must admit that I am not a big battle royale fan, I never got on with PUBG, Blackout just wasn’t for me and Fortnite I was never interested in, I have tried each of the mentioned games but the genre in general never really appealed to me. That was until this came along, I love the Titanfall universe so being able to see the different weapons from the previous games was brilliant and the gun play has been brought across, for those of you who have played either of the first 2 games, you will know what I mean here. That excellence, that way you can feel for the guns when shooting, just the sheer brilliance of the gunplay is one of the reasons for my love with this game. 

The pilot’s movements are smooth and feel just like they should, there is just the exception that wall running isn’t included, and that isn’t a bad thing, I don’t think the wall running would have made this fun, it would have been one of those were if you mastered it, you would take everyone down from running along walls amongst other things. I personally think this would have created a lot of frustration and I don’t think the game would have enjoyed as much success if this had been included, so bravo Respawn on making that decision.

Another thing I started to notice when playing more and more matches, and this was especially apt when playing with randoms, and this was the use of the pinging system. We know theres people in the world who don’t have a microphone, or are shy, introverts or generally have issues with socialising, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. I struggle with socialising with people, I must really push myself out of my comfort zone when playing online if I’m to switch my mic on and unfortunately it doesn’t happen often as my anxiety usually gets in the way, that is where the ping system is simply marvellous. You can ping items with the press of a button, suggest a destination with the ping of a button, mark up enemies by double tapping the ping button…. You see where I am going with this? Just because I don’t have my mic on, doesn’t mean to say I still can’t communicate and help my team mates. 

Another fantastic feature within the game comes in the form of the accessibility options and being able to convert your words into text. So, if someone on your team is hard of hearing, you can switch this on and boom, what players are saying come up as text…. What an age we live in!

The characters within the game, are called ‘Legends’… Funnily enough. You can select from an array of different Legends to play as, each come with there own unique abilities or specials. I have favoured Wraith the most, I love her portal to get others out of trouble… When I’ve managed to use it correctly… Also lifeline, her Care Packages have provided me with some awesome gear to keep me going.

Speaking of keeping going, this is another feature I like in the game that seems to be lacking in other Battle Royales, and that is the ability to revive and even respawn players back into the game. If someone on your team dies and you can no longer revive them, you can collect there card from the gear crate they drop and take it to a respawn beacon, bringing them back into the fight, but be weary though as it can take a few seconds for this to happen and while your trying to revive or respawn a teammate you are vulnerable to other players, so just keep those eyes open.

I have to admit though that even with all the amazing features and how smooth the game runs, there is a downside playing with randoms, that downside is that you will always been teamed up with 1 or 2 people who are going to go Rambo and just run into any cross fire they can find, one jumpmaster dropped us right into the middle of a firefight which meant I had no weapon and lasted all of 22 seconds. 

Which is why I’ve tended to play with my friends more as there is still that better element of communication, you always know most of your friends plays and how they are going to approach it, and each of us use that to play to our strengths and help each other few, and doing this has netted me a few wins, which is nice as I have never won at another battle royale before. This is another thing I want to briefly comment on, this is the only Battle Royale that I have played were I have felt like I can win, in the others I’ve never had that feeling, I’ve always felt like someone is going to come and screw me over, which is what generally happens, but not in this. I’m not entirely sure what it is, but there is something about the team work in Apex Legends that makes you feel like you have a chance at winning.

An excellent game that shows how a battle royale should be done and the one Battle Royale that I enjoy playing and will go back to time and time again. Congratulations Repawn ?

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