Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story – Switch Review

Starting this review I have to admit that this is one of the weirdest games I have ever played or come across, and I have played a lot of guff in my time.

The story starts with you finding Laura’s phone, shes carelessly left it somewhere and from looking through it, you have to find out where she’s been. Although in this day and age if you don’t password protect your phone, you’re asking for trouble, luckily for Laura, she does have some passwords locked away for apps etc here and there. This is all part of the puzzle.

The story is hidden behind a rather nicely designed user interface, the game is responsive, works well and the apps that you go through all respond very well. The basics of the game are that you have to break down puzzles to get into apps, this can be trying to figure out a password, clues for which are found elsewhere on the phone. To be honest, I found some of these quite tricky, when speaking to others who had played the first game (something I haven’t done) they found this easier to do as they knew the style and everything to the game and what was needed. By the looks of it and from what others have said to me, it does seem that if you have played the first game, you will find the puzzles easier to comprehend.

I am going to be quite brutal now, I didn’t really care for Laura or her life. I’m sure she’s a really nice girl and all, but from what was being projected from her phone, it was empty, in fact, it wasn’t just her, but everyone else that was brought into it seemed empty. There was no depth to the characters and this is one of the things that caused problems with the game. I found myself getting bored because I didn’t care, I kind of wanted it to be over.

It kind of made me feel like everything I was doing was part of a school assignment and that’s something that I haven’t done for nearly 20 years… The puzzles, passwords and everything else felt like a chore, there was no personality to it, Laura’s friends may as well have been cardboard cutouts, that’s how much personality was lacking from the game. Yes, what it has is a nice design, but there needs to be more than that, there needs to be that personality that makes me go ‘Ooooh girl, no you di’int’ – But there was nothing, just like a whoopie cushion, the action was there for a few seconds, and then it’s gone.

The interactions between Laura and Ben or Laura and her friends is what makes the meat of this game up, not how good the phone interface looks. This is where the information should be coming from to help me get through the phone and to the finish, but because of the lack of personality, it just feels like a game that’s been thrown together without much thought to character development or anything.


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