Animal Crossing: New Horizons – What would I change?

There is no denying that Animal Crossing on Switch has been a massive success with over 10 million copies sold to date, but that isn’t to say it’s the perfect game, there are definitely some things that could be added or tweaked to make it a much better experience.

There are a lot of processes within the game that are quite long-winded and I know that the game is meant to be played out for the long haul, hence the reason for restrictions on building one place or constructing one bridge or incline at a time. Personally, I feel that you should be free to do more especially when it comes to moving a building, but I can live with it, it gives me time to work on other things around my island.

One process I would love to see simplified is crafting, more specifically, being able to bulk create something. I just don’t understand how this wasn’t thought of in the process when designing the game. If I’ve dug up 15 manilla clams and I’m about to go on a fishing extravaganza with 5 fishing rods and a load of bate, one thing I don’t want to have to do is waste time crafting the fish bait one by one. But unfortunately, this is the hand that we’ve been dealt and I would love to see this change. If there are 15 clams in my hand I would love it to have the option for me to create whatever number I need. So I can select an option from an option wheel and bobs your uncle, that amount is created.

It should give us the choice to craft the maximum possible.

The same goes for when I’m buying items as well, if I have the money available to buy multiple things then I wish it would give me the option to be able to purchase multiple things.

An example of this, me and my wife have our own Switches, and both have a copy of the game, we have different native fruits on our islands, so there are times that we both buy a full hand of fruit from Nooks Cranny and come to each others island to sell for a profit. What would make this easier is if we could select a number we wanted to buy or ‘max possible’ – This would then put the maximum available in our hands for the bells we have at our disposal. No-fuss, no messing around just simple quick transaction, but instead you have to keep selecting the fruit, select 5 and then repeat until Timmy or Tommy give you the ‘Excellent Purc-‘ message and tell you that your hands a full.

It’s time-consuming and at times irritating that such a simple task should be made to feel like a chore. It can see why they might not allow this, people making too many bells too fast maybe? But then on the flip side, you look at what people earn from the Stalk Market and this is pretty much the same, for this example, there are plenty of other areas which you could use this feature.

We should be given the choice to buy a certain number or the maximum possible

Another thing I would like to see added, especially towards Nooks Cranny, seems that Able Sisters does this in a form, is a basket system. If there are several items in the cupboard that I would like to buy, I have to do it one by one, and again, irritating. I should be able to select the multiple items and check them all out at the same time. as mentioned above, Able Sisters do this to a sense where you can buy multiple things from one of the different categories, so one hat, one top, etc – This is annoying if you want to buy the full set of clothing, you have to go in individually and buy them one by one.

I would like to see this changed so you can buy multiple versions from one set at the same time. These may seem like small changes but for me, they would add to the quality of life for the game, and streamline things that wouldn’t have a massive impact on play, and after all, you don’t go into your local store and buy one thing at a time.

I would also like to see changed is that when you’re crafting in your own house, this gives you access to your storage so you don’t have to keep going out of the crafting menu and into your storage to get the materials that you need, it will already be there.

If you’re crafting from Tom Nook’s desk, then that’s fair game, you would have to go and get the materials, but when in your house it would be nice to not have to mess around going in and out of menus to get what you need, it would take into account whats in your storage and use it.

One last thing I would like to see added to the game is a durability metre for tools, it gets annoying going to Nook Island Tours and after one chop on a tree your Axe breaks, or after digging one spot your Shovel breaks. It would be good if there was a meter on the tools so that you can see how close it is to breaking, that way you can prepare accordingly. I don’t think it would ruin the experience, but enhance it, you can go into any situation prepared.

As I mentioned before, these are the small quality of life changes that would make a massive difference to the game. I know there are people who may say ‘But Joon, you play the game in real-time, and in real life, you would only make one at a time’ – May so, but if that’s the case, then for multiple crafts make the animation slightly longer to compensate. There are always ways around things and hopefully, the developers will see the calls for some of these changes.

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