Alone in the Dark Remake Announced

During its showcase, THQ announced a remake for Alone in the Dark. Now, what’s interesting about this is that THQ mention that this is an original story using the same characters, locales etc, so it’s going to be interesting to see how this plays out, but from the trailer and the screenshots, it’s looking good.

On a personal level, I never played the original games from the 90s, so I might give this one a game.

This is what THQ had to say about the new version of the game:

“The famous horror franchise makes its return! This re-imagination of the original trilogy aims to scare you to the bone and returns to infamous locations with a whole new story and mythical places to explore. Alone in the Dark is developed by Pieces Interactive in Sweden and will be coming to PC, Xbox Series S/X and PlayStation 5.”

You can check out a couple of screenshots below:

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