Active Soccer 2 DX – Review

Active Soccer 2 DX was something of a random purchase, I had some credit in my PSN Wallet and I was looking for something as a time killer. From screenshots and videos the game did interest me, it also kind of brought about a nostalgic feel for me. So I decided to go ahead and check out what the game was about.

Being a massive football fan (Soccer to my American friends) it was something that I could get into quickly and easily without having to learn the basics of the game. The controls were the only thing that I was dubious about, not knowing whether they were going to be something different or quite standard to what you would find in your FIFA’s and PES’. Luckily they were quite standard, main difference being instead of a run button on the trigger you had a dash button which was your triangle button.

I mentioned above that the game gave me a very nostalgic feel, and this is because Active Soccer 2 DX reminds me a lot of Sensible Soccer on the Master System where I would always play as Delicatessen and run riot with them. Only difference here is Active Soccer 2 DX uses real teams, just some of the names have been changed with the teams and the players so that have ridiculous adaptations. Real Sociadad are called Real San Sebastian, mainly because San Sebastian is the city that they play in. Then you have Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi being called Luiz Suales and Liomel Mezzi. When I first played the game and just had a friendly match to get used to the game, I found this absolutely hilarious, and still do. Some of the names you come across when playing it are brilliant.

There is an in game editor where you can change the names to their real ones but I found it funny to keep them as they are.

There are several modes available in the game which you can play. There is quick match friendlies, Careers and Tournament mode. There is also a training section where you can learn the ways of the game as well as a replays section where you can learn the ways of the game. The options section that is in the game is very basic and just gets you to change the language as well as switching the music on and off.

All very basic which for me is the general feel of the game, from loading it up and having a little menu at the top of the screen with a massive open section underneath which feels empty and a waste of space, and then this is for the Vita version of the game, that there is no touch screen features, this game is screaming out to have this on the Vita version, yet there isn’t any, which was a disappointment.

The style of the matches when you’re playing is OK, the game play is very fast but at times isn’t at all accurate with passing and the AI is just ridiculous. I’ve seen keepers conceding goals all because they’ve walked away or passed the ball… I have been left with a few head scratching moments with the goals I’ve scored and conceded in this game, although there was more frustration with the goals conceded as 9 times out of 10 they should have been saved. There is quite a wooden wooden feel to the game with no smoothness to the players, however this is kind of one of those charms that come from arcade style football games, such as the old school sensible soccer.

There is a good atmosphere within the game with the chants, but again I’ve noticed that there aren’t many variations for chants or to be honest, music in the game is lacking and constantly hearing ‘Hello, Hello… Go for the Goal’ does start to irritate.

Trophies and Achievements are easy to come by within the game, there are ones for simply starting a career, keeping a clean sheet and scoring 3 in a match. There are ones that will take you longer such as play 50 matches and win 50 matches as well as scoring 100 goals, but if you’re adept at the game, then this should only take you a couple of hours.

In terms of longevity of the game, it isn’t one that will take long to complete, and can probably only be seen as something that you would go back to to have a little bit of fun with friends. There isn’t any online capability so you can’t even play with your PSN or Xbox Live friends, only local multiplayer with up to 4 players, which when there is 4 people playing, it can get very manic with tackles flying in left right and centre.

It is a fun game to play however it isn’t one I can see people spending hours and hours on, only maybe to get the Trophies and Achievements but after that it is more of a chill out game when friends are over or having a quick go and continuing your career.

It’s not a bad game by a mile, I think that a little more TLC and ironing out and this could have been a wonderful little football game.


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