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Obliterate your enemies with violent soul crushing attacks, earn truck loads of cash, unlock an arsenal of weapons, eat your weight in fast food, and if you die trying, activate your finest clone and try again. War has never been so much fun!

Through brainwave stimulation media technology, Network X feeds the masses their imagination’s wildest dreams in perfect clarity, and in real time. Pure sensationalism, violence, despair, exactly what the people want.

Government is for hire. Fast food, corporate backed currency, and contract armies make the the world go round. Justice is a paycheck from Network X, cashed in the studio tour gift shop.

From fast food restaurant chains to live TV news, Network X has gained control of almost every modern industry. Network X has spent decades developing a mythical teleportation technology. This teleportation technology was compromised to a contract army who calls itself, Sabre. As a result, Sabre has taken aim at Network X and everything it controls.

No longer able to protect their own interests, Network X hires a rag tag group of mercenaries who’ve been tasked with eradicating Sabre. Your job is to destroy Sabre on live TV as Network X’s top hit news program, Action News Heroes. Put on a good show to boost Network X’s ratings, and discover why Sabre has a sudden interest in destroying Network X.



Action News Heroes, the first title from Krewe Studios, is a twin stick top down shooter. If you’re familiar with the genre you’ll know that the left stick moves your character and the right stick moves your weapon direction, if you’re not familiar with the genre then consider yourself up to speed with the control system now.

You can select one of four playable characters to deliver devastation.

The aim of the game is to get from the start of the level to the end of the level (duh) but in order to survive until the end you have to shoot pretty much everything that’s available to shoot. This includes people,boxes,crates,some of the buildings and random oil/toxic barrels.

All of this action is done to a bass heavy techno soundtrack which is in keeping with the fast paced gameplay.

Action News Heroes (2)

There is a ratings bar at the top of your screen (shown below) and it’s imperative that the ratings don’t drop too low, if they do then it’s game over and you’re forced to start from the very beginning of the level….you get nothing for your efforts, no checkpoints, no retention of the money you’ve earned…..nada……….zip.

Action News Heroes (4)

In the above image you can also see the map in the bottom right corner and that shows the enemies as red dots and anything that you can pick up….extra lives,shields,grenades,health and money. I found it difficult to keep the ratings up as I often wandered away from the path in search of things to kill and blow up, as a result the ratings went down and by the time I had found something to kill the slump was too great to pull back and I ultimately lost all the viewers and was forced to start again.

This happened many, many times over the course of my gameplay, so many times in fact that I gave up !!!

This is the first time that a game has beaten me and I haven’t even completed level 1. It’s just too damn difficult and I feel that may put a few people off. I found that the ratings bar went down far too quickly for the player to be able to have some chance of keeping it above the cut-off point.

There is a tips page on Krewe Studios website that has some tips and a video walkthrough of the first level, find it here . Even after reading the tips and watching the video, I still failed again and again. I’m really not that bad at games, honestly I’m not.

From what I have seen on other reviews the first level is the hardest and after that they get easier. Now call me an  old-fashioned set in his ways fuddy duddy…but shouldn’t that be the other way round ?? Start off easy and then get harder !!

Another niggle I have is that you will almost always get stuck on little bits of scenery or detritus from something you have just obliterated. I mean, you’re meant to be this super soldier but you are hampered in your progress by a plank of wood on the ground.

I’ve played the game for around four hours and I managed to get to the boss fight once, and that was only due to the fact that the pick ups I had that round were particularly helpful.

Action News Heroes (3)

I feel that with a little tweaking of the ratings system (slow down the decline) that this would be a fun title to play. However I’m only going to score a 5/10 .

UPDATE 12/08/2016

After listening to the people who had played on release, Krewe Studios have patched the game and implemented changes that make it much more playable. There are now arrows on the mini-map that show the optimal path through the level and the Ratings bar at the top of the screen now goes down slower. This makes it easier to get through the first level where a majority of players were struggling (myself included).

What this does is allow you to replay the first level a few times in order to accumulate enough money to upgrade your weapon set and make the following levels not so much of a chore. Everyone likes to cause as much mayhem as possible and stronger weapons allow this to happen.

I say that the first level is easier, but this doesn’t mean that it’s a breeze to complete, I still died alot but did manage to complete it after the update and this means that instead of the rage and disappointment I felt before, I now look forward to ploughing through the remaining scenarios. Mindless destruction set to a banging techno soundtrack……’s like being back in the 80’s playing video games.

My previous score of 5/10 is now amended to 7/10 and I thank Krewe Studios for listening to it’s audience and implementing changes that made the game more fun to play.

Code kindly provided by Krewe Studios

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