A- Train 3D – City Simulator Review

I love my simulator games, I find them easy going and a game I can relax too. Something that doesn’t take too much effort to concentrate on. I’ve also found that there is a lack of this type of simulator game on the 3DS. I would have thought that with a handheld device being able to take it any where and having a game to chill out on would have been ideal for this type of game.

Its also a game where my rules go. I can build in any fashion that I like, any style and choose the designs I want and I love that freedom of play. Which is one reason why I love open world games… I have that freedom to do what I want when I want in order I like too….


The basic premise of the game is to build a thriving metropolis built around the Rail system you make for the town your in. You have control over how many stations you have along the line, how many different lines you have, the platforms as well as the freight system to bring jobs and resources in.

Its one of the reasons why I love simulator games like this, the world is your canvas, you decide how it looks, how everything is designed. This is a good game and touches on those aspects and gives you the freedom to put down tracks where you want and to it designed your way, the game even allows you to play at your own pace by adjusting the speed of time through the game.


A Train 3D City Simulator has you taking charge of a transportation company where you have to complete scenarios which basically has you getting the city to reach it potential while staying in the black and making money.

Taking charge of a big company does bring a lot of responsibilities with it and when you start the game you’re taken through a tutorial, which for me was very excessive, however there was that much to do in the game and so much to learn that the length of the tutorial was probably warranted. The tutorial does a reasonably good job of getting you ready to go out on your own and face the scenarios that are ahead, but I found that there was so much to learn that certain things weren’t sticking with me which was causing problems. One problem being that the tutorials weren’t archived for reference too later on, so its kind of a ‘If you forget, its tough’ sort of thing and I think a lot of people would benefit from having that tutorial there to reference afterwards.

The layout for the game is one that’s neat and tidy and you have assistants showing up designed in a nice Anime style character. The view of the network and city on the bottom screen is top down and does the job, although there are times when it came be frustrating when your laying tracks down and for some unknown reason they won’t lay despite the ground and colours your shown being correct.


There is a first person view, which is a nice touch however the textures tend to be washed out and slightly discoloured at times, however this is a nice little feature to have.

In conclusion this is a very good game and I cant fault the effort from Natsume, this is a genre that is massively missing from the 3DS and I would love to see more games like this. However, the reality of it is that I think a lot of players wont get past the tutorials. There long and drawn out and a lot of casual players wont be bothered to finish them as they are a bit much.

There are DLC packs available with more Scenarios, but for me I think it would be the more Hardcore players that would take up these extras. The game gets a solid 6.5 from Joon

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