A First Look At The New Xbox One Guide!

The Xbox One guide is about to get a bit of a make over. Thanks to Xbox’s Mike Ybarra we managed to get a look at the new Guide that is going to be coming to Xbox One, and hopefully preview members soon.

Below you can see a screenshot (courtesy of Eurogamer) of what the new guide will look like:

With this new updated version, you will be able to jump into any recent games, go to the store quickly or get to the my games and apps section straight from a game.

The new menu as well is going to pop right out the side of the screen with a single click! Not a double one any more, a straight up one press and boom its there, thats why there is a ‘Home’ link on the menu. How does that make everyone feel? Easier? Or is it going to be more of a pain?

It’s a bit of an interesting change I have to admit. It’s kind of like being back on the 360 when the blades used to pop up at you and you had all those options. Honestly, I’m going to give my full verdict on it when it updates onto my Xbox One’s.

One final change which has been asked for and is coming in the next update is Beam integration. Are you looking forward to using Beam or will you be sticking with Twitch?

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