8 Days – Review

The people who know me and play online with me know that I can get a bit passionate when it comes to my gaming… finally ending that death loss on Call of Duty, scoring what happens to be either a ‘worldy’ or the winning goal on FIFA, for it’s all part of the love for the games.

8 Days took this to a new level. Never have I had my head in my hands or grumbled so much at a game, and the thing is, it’s not just down to it being a bad game, its more out of it being frustrating, annoying and downright irritating right the way through.

I’ve known games to have this pocket of annoyance at certain times, it’s what makes us gamers, being able to power through the shit and come out smelling of roses. We are honest here when it comes to our games and I don’t think there is enough roses in the world to help when plowing through this.

From start to finish I found myself with my head in my hands or switching the game off and coming back to it later all because of it’s overall design. The first thing that I am going to start with is the controls…. This game is a twin stick shooter, of which I have played many, and enjoyed them, the controls have been easy to grasp and found myself away with the game in minutes… 8 Days escalates this into an complete arsebackwards way. The character control with the left stick is fine, however when you go to direct your attacks the right stick is all over the place, which I found to be a complete mess, I had difficulty trying to direct where I was shooting or stabbing with knifes/machetes etc, the latter of which I preferred to use because it was easier to control.

The game on paper when you put together that it’s an old school pixelated top down shooter, with twin stick controls, you’re thinking that this has to be a recipe for joy, total and utter joy. Now when you throw in the brilliant soundtrack that comes along with this, and this was my favourite thing about the game as the soundtrack was immense, you would think that you’re going to have the time of your life as Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes once sang…

Don’t get me wrong, the story is a brilliant one and the game has a lot of promise, but for me the execution of how it’s been done is terrible and the controls for it should be definitely looked into. Also the difficulty of the game is another thing that is letting it down and caused a lot of frustration. You find yourself every sort of 5 seconds lying face down in the dirt cause your dead, and the pure slap in the face unfairness that the games brings is another reason why it just isn’t fun to play. It acts as more of a chore than something to enjoy.

When I started the game, I tried looking around the different rooms and investigating everything I could, but the more I died, the more this dropped and the feeling of ‘let’s just try and get to the next part’ came to mind, and I tried powering through and ignoring enemies, which didn’t work as they will chase you, and you will end up with more in front and you will find yourself back were you started and more than likely about to throw your controller in pure frustration.

Don’t get me wrong, I like a challenge as much as the next guy, but I don’t like walking through door to find myself dead… again, and again with what seems like no other options.

Another frustration of the game is the lack of inventory or being able to carry more than one weapon… Why? Why wasn’t a weapon wheel introduced where you could have a choice between 2/3 weapons? It would make scenarios much better, being able to pick whether to go full on and shoot your way out, or try and stealth through a section. At least then the option would be there, but nope, the game gives a big fuck you with this and only allows you one weapon…. Skills.

Let’s talk about respawns/checkpoints…. Just like Middlesbrough FC they’re consistently inconsistent. Some you will find right around the corner other will be much further away across the map and with the game as it is, they’re not consistent enough for me. It’s kind of like the developers kept forgetting to put them in when they were designing the game so slapped them in where they were.

Loot able items within the game such as health are also in short supply and seem far too sporadic. Enemies are well placed within the game, however they seem to be able to hear a pin drop from the other side of the map and also have binocular vision as they spot you far too easily for my liking.

All in all, when we look at 8Days we have a game here that for me could do with some work, the difficulty needs sorting and a weapon wheel would be ideal to match scenarios in the game.

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend this game unless you like to be tortured by pure unfairness and ridiculed by ridiculous difficulty. But if that’s your thing, crack on!


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