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When I found out that 7 Days To Die was coming to consoles I got rather excited. A grown up Minecraft. After all the game is, you can’t blame people for comparing the 2. Just because they have very different styles, doesn’t mean to say that the principles behind the game are fundamentally the same.

You start off the game by doing the tutorial. This part takes you by the hand and shows you how to craft certain objects such as Stone Axes, showing you the materials you need, however, when I say that it takes you by the hand, its more like holding on to the pinky as it doesn’t actually tell you how to craft anything, just shows you the items you need and you have to work it out yourself. Great Success. Its easy enough to do and with much prowling of the land you will be fine and get through this.

However, after the tutorial finishes, that pinky is let go and you’re on your own with the slap of the ass. Touching. The tutorial does set you up for what’s to come and shows you the basic mechanics of the vast crafting system that the game has to offer, which I will go into more detail later.

The early stages of the game do feel a little underwhelming as you are only really walking around looking for places as well as collecting the basic stuff. You may find some good stuff along the way, but 90% of the time you won’t be able to use it yet until you have something else.


Now, being a post apocalyptic zombie hoarding game, there is one thing you would expect this game to have in abundance and that is Zombies. Well, if I’m going to be honest, outside of the towns and cities, there aren’t that many roaming about and it does give you a chance to collect resources such as wood, fibres etc. If you do end up coming up across Zombie(s) my first instinct if I see them from a distance is count how many there are and whether or not you have your big boy balls on, because I have to admit that any more than 3 and I would ignore them and if you have to go in there general vicinity then try and walk around them. You do have the option to just run away, so check your stamina and if you are good to go I would generally run away.

1 normally doesn’t cause a problem, however I have noticed that it can take a fair few hits to get them to the ground and then another few hits to kill them while they are on the floor. This is even with headshots, so I thought it did take rather a lot of hits to get a kill, especially with headshots. If you get that sweet shot though, off comes the head…. beautiful!

If you have just skinned an animal and have some meat in your pack, this can attract zombies to you as they will be able to smell it, so it’s best to get that stuff away sharpish.

The world in general for me feels a lot like Fallout 4. Very sparce with towns/places every now and then, and you might be forgiven for thinking that a little quest might be there to do. Save someone, do this , collect that, but nope, you’ve got a derelict building to play with, and if you’re really lucky,  you might just find a pet zombie inside to kill. There could have been a lot more done with the world in my opinion.

There are treasure maps that you can find on people or ones lying in the road, and these are the only types of missions that I have found.

I love the crafting within the game, it is so expansive and there is so much to do craft and do, you can literally create anything and this is out of anything as well. Something that you might pick up and think is junk and it unusable, I would check first to see if it can be made into anything or scrapped to give other materials.

maxresdefault (10)

The weather within the game is weird, you could be in one spot getting overheated, move a block over and then its pouring down. So random and confusing, especially as the sounds seem really weird at times and out of place, it’s either that or the distance sometimes isn’t right, such as a zombie could be a fair distance from me, but it sounds like its right near me, but I can see it in the distance, but that then makes me panic thinking there is one near me. So confused!

I have also suffered some frame rate issues in the game as well as the game crashing when going to collect water, hopefully this is something that can be fixed.

The graphics aren’t anything to shout about within the game, flat vectors for the grass and rather lacklustre detail at times. The zombie models within the game are also few and far between as you can tell sometimes that the same model is sometimes chasing you. I’m never a fan of this ‘couple of models’ malarky that game companies band about in there games. Just seems a bit lazy for me, I love to see variety within a game and I don’t mind the same models being used, but I hate to see the same one as different zombies attacking me at the same time.


When I was playing this game on my own, I did enjoy it, but it was so much better doing it with friends, and having decent friends who shared the loot and put there share of the work in. Accomplished so much more.

Overall, I am very much enjoying this game and it is one that I will go back to time and time again, especially if friends are playing. There is so much to do and craft, and although the first part of the game is quite slow I would advise people to stick with it as the higher rewards and loots are worth it.



Game purchased at retail price and reviewed on both Xbox One and PS4

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