51 Worldwide Games – Review

Announced in the Direct Mini earlier in the year, 51 worldwide games brings you a collection of games, and a rather meaty collection at that.

I want to start off by saying that I haven’t played all the games that are available, simple reason behind it was that this package of games, everything that it has to offer isn’t going to appeal to everyone. However, I did play a good amount of the games, well over half, but there was some that I couldn’t wrap my head around.

That’s where I want to start my review, while there is a good selection of games to get your teeth into, not everything is going to appeal to everyone. Be it from playing Solitaire Mahjong, bowling, dots and boxes, billiards, you’ll find something that’s going to appeal to you. There are a mix of strategy games, board games, card games, action, logic games and more.

One of my favourite games that I found was Billiards, and I would always choose 8 ball mode, or spots and stripes as I call it. I played a load of games against the AI and while in general they were OK, when playing on the normal setting you start off on, the choice of balls to pot would be a bit bizarre. I know that if a ball was hanging over the edge of a pocket you leave it alone as that stops your opponent from potting in that pocket (without fouling at least). But the AI wouldn’t have any over the pocket to stop, they would have ones close that I would say are an easy pot, it would go for another at the other end of the table and miss, a bit like it was designed to mess up on purpose. I know this will come down to the difficulty setting, but there seemed to be a big gap between normal and hard modes.

Other games that I enjoyed playing was bowling, golf, mah-jong, blackjack, poker, me and my wife played Air hockey together and that was a lot of fun. Which brings me onto another point. While playing against the AI in some of the games is nice, its even better when playing with someone else, and sometimes up to 4 players as was the case with Ludo and Dominos. This is where the game stood out for me, being able to play with friends, or connect with someone online and play against them, it added that little bit extra to the game, and made it one of the reasons I bought it in the first place. When we have friends around our house (not lately unfortunately) we like to chill out and play board games, it’s nice and relaxing and we have a lot of laughs doing it. Being able to load this up and play 4 players on some of the games (unfortunately, there are only a few that allow 4 players) gives us a different option for the evenings entertainment.

What I really liked about 51 Worldwide games was that there were some games that brought back that motion control sense from the Wii Sports days. Bowling for instance was very good, it took me a while to get out of the Wii Sports frame of mind of holding RT down and releasing when throwing as on this game, you just keep the RT button held while throwing.

Shooting gallery was another fun game one which was good playing with 2 players. One thing I would have like to see more though is the toy games on there. Boxing, Baseball, Tennis, I would have rather have seen these as more relatable to the Wii Sports games, giving that access to more motion controlled play, and I have to be honest that I didn’t really enjoy them as the toy versions, they feel clunky and very wooden and I struggled to play them. Golf, same again for this, I would rather have seen this with more motion control like on Wii Sports, in this games case you have 3 clubs to play with, Driver, Iron and Putter and to control your swing it’s just pressing A to start the power dial and then pressing A again at the appropriate power level. Doesn’t require too much thought to it which is why I would have preferred motion controls to add that little bit more depth.

The controls for most of the games were very good, some took more getting used to than others, and I am still trying to get my head around some of the shots in billiards. Mainly the softer more refined strokes that you need to make to pot a ball. Often I would do what I felt was a rather delicate hit only to the see the cue ball smash it’s way down the table. It’s a very fine line with that game.

Each of the games available on 51 Worldwide Games were loving crafted and had a lot of detail, you could see in some of the designs on the games where there was a slight homage to Wii Sports, which if I’m honest made me hanker even more for a new Sports game on Switch.

One little feature that I absolutely loved as well was being able to play games in mosaic mode, which basically meant putting several switches together and making one big board that way. One thing I did enjoy doing was being able to play the piano, then getting more notes by adding another switch screen to it. Brilliant!

This is an absolutely massive game jam-packed with something for everyone and as I said at the start, there is something for everyone but I would wager that you’re not going to know all of them, and maybe even play them, however, this could be a better time than any to learn how to play something new. Backgammon anyone?

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